IIM-B Expert Speaks on Management at VLCI Session

Dr. Sandeep Ratnam, head of Indo Japan study centre, IIM Bangalore, explained the characteristics and behavior of leadership with students of Mechanical Engineering Department of Shoolini University.

He also described the Eisenhower Matrix for designing daily activities schedule for time management.
Shoolini University has Regional Centre of Excellence of VLCI (Visionary Learning Community of India). In this centre, students learn and practice lean tools in the industry.

VLCI (Visionary Learning Community of India).

They work on the live problems of the industries in Solan and Parwanoo regions. This is the first batch of VLCI which is going to graduate in June 2020. The students are ready for industry manufacturing leaders which can improve the productivity of the industry by reducing waste.

Dr. Abhilash Pathania Head, Centre of Excellence of VLCI, told that they have introduced the VLCI modules in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum so that the students who are going to be pass out from Shoolini University will be well trained to improve small-medium enterprises.

The centre is also upgrading the teachers so that they can do the consultancy programs to improve the production of industry.

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