Shaping Lives Through Coaching: International Conclave Held at Shoolini

Renowned speakers and delegates from across the country and abroad came together at the two-day International Coaching Conclave (TICC) 2022 with a spotlight on the Confluence of Coaching, Academia and Industry. This first-of-its-kind conference was hosted by the V-Empower team at Shoolini University on Friday and Saturday.

The theme at this year’s International Coaching Conclave, Shaping Lives through Coaching’ enlightened the audience on Coaching in the Education Sector.

Over the past year, the International Coaching Federation Foundation (ICFF) and 100 ICF Credentialed Coaches partnered with Shoolini University to offer free coaching to students and faculty.

Founder and Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla shared his inputs and his unwavering belief that students deserved access to coaching and a chance to make more informed and free decisions about their lives. He underscored the importance of finding a purpose firmly resting on strong values.

More than 600 participants attended the conference from more than 10 countries. Various institutions across India and overseas tuned in to know about the powerful, unique and path-breaking coaching at the university. Shoolini University Chancellor Prof PK Khosla joined in the online mode and encouraged and appreciated the efforts of the coaches.

Magda, CEO, ICF spoke about working on opening ones mind to other perspectives, overcoming fears, and closing gaps in our own development.

Jonathans Reitz, CEO, Fluxify, stated that a coach is someone who invests everything towards the success of the coachee. Dr Ruth Reitmeier, Director CoachRice, presented fact-based impact of coaching youth.

The experiences and data from Magdalene Mook, Ruth Reithmeier, Sushma Banthia and others, reiterated the need for coaching in academia and the massive impact a program of this magnitude can do. The clear mandate from the conversations was that coaching for students was the need of the hour.

Prof Atul Khosla, Vishal Jain, MD Accenture, Esther Zirbel, an astrophysict and coach looked at how the Learning Ecosystem evolved in the last decade and is likely to over the next decade.

The Panel on, “Fast Forwarding your career through Coaching” had Kavi Arasu, Principal at Flyntrok, Rhonda Bowen, and Prof. Atul Khosla shared views on students being coached at a young age in campus and the role coaching plays, in the journey from campus to corporate in shaping their career.

The last panel saw students from across the universities of the world and Shoolini students bring to fore the real stories of change and transformation enabled by coaching.

Amy Brann, the closing keynote speaker, worked her combination of scientific expertise and practical real-world business experience, giving participants an easy-to-implement framework proven to uplift brain performance.

In his valedictory address, Prof Atul Khosla shared how he stood in front of the mirror every day and practiced speaking. This is the commitment you need for your own development, he said.

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