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What are the expectations of the youth from political leaders contesting the ensuing elections? We find out by talking to a cross section of students at Shoolini University on the campus:

Nitika Sharma (B.Com (Hons) Sem-2)

The major problems such as unclean environment, exploitation of farmers and threat to women are not being paid enough attention. The nation can not be uplifted till we tackle the social evils existing in our society, as an economy is made by both males and females. So, I expect the future government to look into these matters and introduce new and reformed measures for the women in the society.

Sarthak Bhardwaj (BBA Sem-2)

Discrimination on the grounds of gender, caste, creed or any other criteria should be stopped. The punishment for rape should be severe. A strict check should be kept on bribery and under table acceptances. Pollution control programmes should be enforced. Free medicines and timely health checkups for the unprivileged people should be conducted and the staff supplying drugs to people should be monitored.

Sneha Singh (BSc Microbiology Sem-2)

We want development for ourselves and our future generations so that the scope for the improvement in our lifestyle increases. Hence for a better and happy future we must vote a deserving candidate as that would actually help us in fulfilling our dreams. The politicians should only make those promises which are realistic. They should focus on making better strategies rather than better salaries.

Vanshika Sharma (MSc Biotechnology Sem-2)

We all need a better and secure future. Just look back five years from now when really needed a leader who could make our country strong. Now see the change around us – the surgical strike, the Pulwama revenge and many other things are a proof of the ache din in our country. So I think this time too we need to elect a strong leader and expect the leader to meet all the expectations of the people for growth in the country.

Saurabh Sharma (B.Com (Hons) Sem-2)

We have seen a lot of development in the past few years. I just wish that whosoever our next prime minister might be, he or she would focus only on the development of our country. Initiatives should be taken to develop tourism and focus should be kept on economic growth. Unemployment is a major problem which we all are facing, so our future leader should provide job opportunities to the youth.

Vaishali Sharma (B.Sc. Biotechnology Sem-6)

The first thing that I want our leaders to be concerned with is unemployment among the youth. The economy has been less successful at creating jobs, so the government needs to provide better employment opportunities. Improving standards of education should also be a priority. Besides, the leaders should work on issues like public health instead of letting down each other.

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