EducationWorld Ranks Shoolini at Apex for Exemplary Research

Solan, May 29

Shoolini University has once again received remarkable recognition for its unwavering dedication to research excellence. The university has secured an impressive second position in the prestigious EducationWorld Grand Jury India Higher Education Rankings 2023-24, specifically in the category of Exemplary Researcher of the Year.

The EducationWorld Grand Jury, comprising well-informed educationists, meticulously evaluated and ranked over 400 nominated higher education institutions across 14 categories of 21st-century educational excellence. Shoolini University’s exceptional commitment to research and consistent pursuit of academic innovation have propelled it to a well-deserved second place in this esteemed ranking.

Commenting on this achievement, Shoolini University Chancellor Prof PK Khosla stated that it reflects the university’s dedication to producing cutting-edge research, fostering an environment of innovation, and nurturing talented researchers.

According to Pro Chancellor Vishal Anand, the university’s commitment to research excellence is evidenced through its state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class faculty, and dynamic ecosystem that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and facilitates groundbreaking discoveries. By embracing such high standards, Shoolini University showcases its commitment to fostering an atmosphere conducive to impactful research outcomes.

Expressing gratitude and pride in the institution’s remarkable accomplishment, Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla emphasised that the recognition was a testament to the relentless efforts of the faculty, researchers, and students who continually strived for excellence in their pursuit of knowledge. Prof Khosla further stated that Shoolini University firmly believed in the transformative power of research and its ability to shape a brighter future. “This prestigious ranking will motivate our researchers to continue pushing boundaries and making a significant impact through their research endeavours,” he added.

In addition to the Outstanding Performance in the Exemplary Researcher of the Year category, Shoolini University’s commitment to other aspects of higher education excellence was also acknowledged. The EducationWorld Grand Jury India Higher Education Rankings recognised the university’s exceptional library resources, dedication to diversity, inclusion, and equity, best skill development and education initiatives, and strong academia-industry alliance.

EducationWorld, India’s premier education magazine and online platform, is dedicated to covering the latest developments and achievements in the field of education. The EducationWorld Grand Jury India Higher Education Rankings is an esteemed annual ranking that assesses and acknowledges excellence in higher education across various categories.

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