AI Programme Attracts Talented Young Minds to Campus

The Yogananda School of AI, Computers, and Data Science at Shoolini University, in partnership with the ACM Student Chapter, organised a 7-day intensive programme on ‘Deep Dive into Generative Artificial Intelligence’. Attracting a wide array of students from different schools across Himachal Pradesh, the event ran from January 16 to 22. The event was supported by the Innovation Hub for Cobotics (IHFC) at IIT Delhi. 

Participation: As many as 63 enthusiastic students from Grades 9 to 12, representing nine Himachal schools, participated in this programme. The schools included Vardhman Mahavir Public School, Mahavir Public School, Paradise Public School, Guru Gobind Singh Public Senior Secondary School, Modern Hi-Tech Model School, DAV Public School Gohar, SVM Roura Bilaspur, Crescent School Bilaspur, and GSSS Mandhorghat Shimla. 

Inaugural Ceremony: The programme started with an inaugural ceremony on January 16th, featuring renowned speakers from academia and industry. Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Shoolini University welcomed the participants. Prof Lynn R Carter from Arizona State University stressed the importance of short-term programmes in understanding industry standards. Samiya Khan from the University of Greenwich shared her experiences about prompt engineering and the growing significance of Artificial Intelligence. Rishi Pratap Singh from Infosys provided expert advice on the industry’s need for updated knowledge, while Ashima Yadav from Bennett University shared valuable academic insights, including the most demanded courses for students. 

Highlights of the Week: Technology-enhanced classrooms, the Experience Centre in emerging technologies and the picturesque campus set the stage for a unique learning experience. The programme delved into essential topics such as Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Generative Artificial Intelligence, embedding algorithms, RNNs, LSTMs, Neural Machine Translation, ChatGPT, and Large Language Models. The days included hands-on sessions, lab work, and engaging discussions led by experts from IIT Delhi and Shoolini University. 

The programme concluded with a visit to the Centre for Scientific Learning and Creativity (CSLC) in Shoghi, featuring a valedictory ceremony. 

During the valedictory ceremony, Prof Ashish Khosla, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology and President of Innovation and Marketing at Shoolini University and Chief Learning Officer Dr Ashoo Khosla interacted with the participants about their experience. Prof Ashish shared insights into prompt engineering and the growing application areas of AI in various industries. 

Empowering Students: On completing the program, students gained practical skills, including the ability to use Python Programming for writing mini-programs, understand the working principles of various machine learning models, and use Chat-GPT to generate content. The programme also equipped students to comprehend the functionality of smart devices in real-life applications. 

Avantika Thakur from DAV Public School, Gohar, Mandi, shared, ” Participating in the AI Nurture Programme has been a transformative journey. The practical workshops and thought-provoking dialogues have deepened my grasp of Artificial Intelligence. I’m thankful for this unique experience that has expanded my horizons in the field.” 

Programme incharge Arvind Sharma thanked all participants, school coordinators, speakers, supporting organisations, and Shoolini University departments for their roles in the programme’s success. He reaffirmed the university’s commitment to organising similar events.

January 23, 2024 

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