Why Science Students Choose Flagship SRP Program?

Shoolini University’s Reimagined Summit Research Program (SRP) is becoming a preferred choice for aspiring science students across the nation. The program’s unique blend of academic rigour, cutting-edge research, and career opportunities has made it a standout offering for undergraduates looking to pave a path in science and technology.

The SRP’s focus on providing high-quality research opportunities is complemented by its track record in securing graduates’ placements with prominent corporations like Nestle, Cognizant, and Abbott. Additionally, SRP participants have been awarded scholarships for higher education in prestigious international universities, including Johns Hopkins University, Glasgow University, Tokyo University, and the University of California.

What sets Shoolini University apart is its reputation in research and innovation. The university has been recognised by global-ranking agencies, achieving the No.1 spot in Citations per Paper (QS Asia University Rankings), making it India’s Top Research University. With an impressive H-index of >111 and over 1300 patents, the university’s focus on high-impact research is evident.

Shoolini’s research infrastructure is equally commendable, boasting over 104 advanced laboratories and nine dedicated Centres of Excellence. These centres, spanning fields such as Nanotechnology, Biodiversity, Automobile Engineering, Yoga, Disaster Management, and others, provide state-of-the-art facilities that promote multidisciplinary research. Each centre is equipped with cutting-edge resources, advanced laboratories, and expert faculty to support researchers in various disciplines.

Saurabh Kulshrestha, the Dean of Research and Development at Shoolini University, shed light on the university’s approach, stating, “Our multidisciplinary focus on undergrad research significantly impacts nationally relevant themes such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and diagnostics. This comprehensive focus allows students to explore various research avenues and discover their true passion.”

The university’s commitment to maintaining high academic standards is reflected in its faculty, comprising scholars from esteemed institutions like Oxford, the National Institutes of Health (USA), IITs, and IIMs. The presence of researchers who have earned a spot in the ‘World’s Top 1% Scientists’ List‘ compiled by Stanford University adds credibility.

Live research projects further enrich the SRP’s appeal. Students actively engage in real-life research initiatives from their first year, benefiting from Shoolini’s access to modern research facilities. The university’s recent ₹9-crore grant under the PURSE scheme highlights its ability to secure competitive funding, fostering innovative and impactful scientific exploration.

Shoolini’s innovative ‘one-student-one-patent’ policy further sets it apart, ensuring that students are mentored to file patents and publish in reputable journals from the beginning of their academic journey.

Founder and Chancellor Prof PK Khosla encapsulates the program’s essence, stating, “The SRP offers science students the chance to pursue BTech while conducting high-end research or studying abroad. The program ignites intellectual curiosity and equips students with skills, allowing them to thrive in industry and academia.”

Admission to the SRP is highly competitive, with an acceptance rate of just 15%. The process includes two technical interview rounds, where applicants’ unique research ideas and problem-solving abilities are thoroughly assessed.

Shoolini University’s SRP is a testament to what a focused, research-driven educational program can achieve. By seamlessly blending academic excellence, innovative research, and robust career opportunities, the SRP is shaping the future of science education and research in India. It is, without doubt, a beacon for the next generation of scientists, academicians, and entrepreneurs.

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