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Divyanshi Bajpai and Tanvi Chaudhry students of B.Tech Biotechnology 3rd year share their experience as exchange student in South Korea in Inha University. Tanvi is a native of Uttarakhand while Divyanshi belongs to Lucknow.

Speaking about their subjects they mentioned that they are studying Enzyme Engineering, Cell Culture Engineering and Cultural Pschology. They said that they are learning new things every day in South Korea and are loving the newly experienced environment.

So far, these both have made friends from countries such as Kinga, Pinia, Diana, Chi-E, Hungry, Fineland, Russia and China. The difference in teaching system which they are experiencing is more about Online teaching of subjects and more access to I-Class.

Students have to be very punctual and no late entries are permitted in class they said. The most memorable moment for both of them was their first day as they were welcomed and when they were provided with food without asking for it.

They further added, Talking about the food habits they are very different from Indian food habits. People here mostly eat noodles. We are still adjusting to the Korean food taste. But for every Indian, Indian restaurants are the only survivors abroad.

Korean dishes which both of them have loved so far are Topoki Dumplings and Bibingbum. However, as a vegetarian, Divyanshi shared that she is still struggling to find vegetarian food. They both said that they are indeed grateful to Shoolini University for providing them this opportunity of cultural exchange.

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Shoolini Team
Shoolini Team
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