Two-day Conference on Financial Crimes Held

The first International Conference on Financial Crime Studies hosted at Shoolini University was a huge success. The Centre for Financial Crime Studies, Faculty of Legal Sciences, Shoolini University, organised the event in the virtual mode in collaboration with the Financial Crime Lab, Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences.

The main theme of the two-day conference, which concluded on Saturday, was to make the concept of financial crimes understandable and to raise public awareness about the non-physical crime.

The first day featured a panel discussion where experts from four countries shared their perspectives on various types of financial crime. Prof Victor Matchekhin, Prof Vladmir Khiz, Prof Yana Ustinova, and Prof Olga Rozhnova from Russia were among the invited guests, along with Prof Hotnair and Prof Dharma Tintri from Indonesia.

Financial Crime Conference

These speakers discussed international tax laws and financial crimes in their respective countries. Prof NK Gupta, Dean of the Faculty of Legal Sciences at Shoolini University, provided an overview of financial crime and its consequences. Prof Narinder Verma, Shoolini University, discussed how untraceable gold is becoming a major source of financial crime.

Shoolini University Chancellor Prof PK Khosla provided an overview of financial crimes, followed by Vice-Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla, who provided live examples of financial crimes from his experience as a consultant in leading multinational corporations around the world.

Financial Crime

The second day of the conference focused on cybercrime, with participants discussing cryptocurrency and blockchain, how financial crimes changed during the COVID-19 scenario, and how auditors can help. Around 20 participants presented their research on various types of financial crimes ranging from environmental issues to drug mafia and flesh trade.

Later, Prof Petter Gottschalk of Norway discussed how financial crimes can be studied using convenience theory and demonstrated this with case studies.

Prof Chetan Chittalakar, Director of the Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education, concluded the conference by sharing his knowledge and quoting shlokas from the Bhagavad Gita to discuss corruption.

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