State-Of-The-Art Cancer Research Centre Opens

A state-of-the-art Cancer Research Centre, with facilities for cutting edge research on cancer biology, has come up on the University campus.

The facility, which houses five different research groups actively engaged in the research on various aspects of cancer biology like herbal cancer therapy, cancer immunotherapy, drug delivery and chemical biology group, was formally inaugurated on Thursday by Mr Raj Khosla, a philanthropist from Thailand.

Vice-Chancellor Prof PK Khosla said the Centre has been built with an endowment fund of Rs one crore donated by Mr Raj Khosla, for strengthening of cancer research in the University.

The Vice-Chancellor said the Centre also contains a state of the art food and drug testing laboratory funded by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries. 

Prof Khosla said the future goal of the Centre is to develop better formulations to control different forms of cancer by innovative cancer therapies. The Centre has experienced research groups and state of the art infrastructure facilities also envisages attracting funding from national, international and private funding bodies so that it can be a Centre of excellence in cancer research in the country and across the globe.

The prime area of focus of Shoolini University is on the Sustainable Utilization of Himalayan Biodiversity for the betterment of society in general and Himalayan states in particular. One of the main areas of research is to utilise the medicinal wealth of the Himalayas for the treatment of cancer. 

For that, the researchers of Shoolini University have already made significant progress and developed formulations as immunostimulators and efficient drug delivery systems to fight various types of cancer. In the past 10 years of its establishment, Shoolini University has created modern infrastructure in the form of labs and research equipment from intramural and extramural research funding to cater for the needs of cancer biologists in the University. 

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Shoolini Team
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