Spring Semester Promises Fests, New Courses & Partnerships

The Spring Semester at Shoolini University commenced on February 1, 2024, bringing students and faculty back to the campus with warmth and enthusiasm. This semester is set to be vibrant, with a lineup of festivals and events planned to keep homesickness at bay and ensure a lively campus atmosphere. 

Dean of Student Welfare, Poonam Nanda, shared, “Students often feel homesick when they return to campus after a long break, missing out on many festivals celebrated at home. This time, we have planned to celebrate every festival, big or small, right here on campus. From the Chinese New Year to Kite Flying on Basant Panchami, Saraswati Puja, and other upcoming festivals, we are all set to embrace them all.” 

The highlight of the semester is the upcoming four-day extravaganza, Spring Fest, starting from the 15th of March. This will feature the Shoolini Literature Festival, Moksh — the Cultural Fest, Flower Fest, and the debut of Glitch – the Tech Fest. This event is much anticipated and a top attraction for all students. This year, students will get to experience something extraordinary. The campus is already buzzing with news, and preparations are underway to make this event unforgettable for all members of Shoolini University. 

Academically too, students have much to look forward to. “This time, we have expanded our Minor Pool and added more languages to it. Now, students have the chance to explore languages such as Italian, French, and German. Additionally, we aim to introduce interdepartmental classes to promote collaboration and learning among students. For instance, MBA students now share a common class with B Tech students,” says Chief Learning Officer Ashoo Khosla

In a move to enhance student engagement, the university has introduced a Faculty and Student Portal as well, making it easier than ever for students to provide feedback and resolve issues. According to Ashoo Khosla, these initiatives emphasise the university’s commitment to academic excellence and student well-being. 

Looking ahead, Shoolini University is gearing up to host its first National Human Resource Development Network (NHRDN) conference in February, providing students with access to over 6,000 Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) nationwide. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders like the ICT Academy are also in the works, offering students training opportunities in high-demand fields like Cloud Computing and Data Science. 

And let’s not forget about placements. With the pharmaceutical placement season set to begin in March, Shoolini University is confident in its ability to secure 100% placements in top Pharma brands. Avnee Khosla, the Director of Placements & Admissions at Shoolini University, shares insights into the university’s ambitious mission, stating, “Our ‘Mission 130’ is dedicated to achieving 100% employability with 30% exceptional job placements. This year, we aim to elevate that benchmark to 50%, translating to 100% placements with 50% of them being in esteemed top-tier companies.” 

Exciting collaborations with organisations such as KPMG and the London Institute of Banking and Finance are poised to enhance the MBA and BBA programs at Shoolini University, offering invaluable industry insights. 

Furthermore, with strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Henkel and Biocon, the university is well on its way to fostering excellence in bioengineering programs and research. 

As students settle back into campus life, there’s an undeniable sense of anticipation in the air. “Studying Italian as one of my minor subjects has been a dream, and now, with Moksh coming up in March, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Shoolini University has made me feel like I belong. It’s moments like these that reassure me I’m in the right place,” said Piyush Bansal, a BCom student at Shoolini University. 

There is excitement in the air as Shoolini University gears up for yet another unforgettable semester. Students and faculty are pumped up, and ready to dive into a journey of learning and achievement. Innovation and excellence are on everyone’s minds, making this semester one where we’ll all grow and succeed together. 

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Shoolini Team
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