Kohli Is the Right Choice For Captaincy, Say Students

All sports lovers particularly the cricket fans, are looking forward to Indias victory at the cricket World Cup next year. There is much discussion on strategies to be adopted and on the choice of captaincy. Avinash Kumar and Suresh talked to a cross section of students at Shoolini University to elicit their point of view:

Rishav Sharma (B.Tech Biotechnology) 4th year

Kohli has proved himself as a one of the best captains in recent times. I think he should lead the Indian side during the ICC World Cup which is to be held next year. Also, hell be exceptional under the mentorship of MS Dhoni.

Kanika Sharma (M.Sc Chemistry) 2nd Year

Kohli has been great as both, batsman and skipper for India, but has a long way to go in overseas matches. He underperforms under stressful situations, unlike MS Dhoni. He needs to gain a lot of experience to lead the Indian team in England next year, because he has never played as captain in an event as large as the WC.

Brajesh Srivastava- (B.Tech ECE 4th year)

With an excellent strike rate and fantastic leadership skills, Kohli is a great choice for captaincy in the World Cup. He has an excellent record in both ODIs and T20 matches. Also, he has MS Dhoni guiding him in building a strong team. The fact that he has leaded the Indian team at the U-19 World Cup to victory in 2003 justifies his position.

Apoorva Gurung- (B.Tech Biotech 4th year)

Personally, I think Virat depends too much on Dhonis guidance. No doubt, he plays well in all formats of the game but lacks the experience to lead a team as diverse as India. His aggression is sometimes a negative factor in the gentlemens game.

Saikat Ghosh (B.Tech ME 1st year)

Kohli has earned himself massive respect as captain and batsman. Dhonis guidance has been a contributing factor to his game play. He has become captain only after repeatedly proving himself. Hes one of the highest run scorers in recent times. He makes sure that the team chases unattainable targets.

Palesi Tyang- (B.Sc. Chemistry 2nd year)

India has earned a well-deserved 5-1 ODI victory in the recent South African tour of India under Kohlis captaincy. He is experienced in all formats, including Test cricket. Also, he is the first Indian to score more than 500 runs within a single ODI series. Dhonis help is a boost for Kohli. I think upcoming talent in cricket must get chances to lead the Indian side to get exposure.

Sudarshan Sahu (B.Tech 4th year)

In every ODI Dhoni is the one making strategies and Kohli implements them in the field. Moreover Dhonis captaincy is distinctive to any other player as he can study the opponent’s game plan and his captaincy changes with the opponent’s mind. That is why I would vote for MS Dhoni to lead team India as a captain in the 2019 World Cup.

Sanjay Kumar (MBA 1st year)

I think Kohli should lead the team because he is young and aggressive in the field. Even though Dhoni is much better as a leader and in the field he shows greater team spirit than Kohli. However, Kohli has been handling the team well so far. I pick Kohli because if we see the past and the present matches so far he is getting better and better every day. Rest assured, Dhoni will definitely help him in the field.

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