Education Is Everything and It Must Start From Home


    The other day one of my teachers asked me, who am I? At that point of time I blanked out and couldn’t figure out who am I? But today I saw a news that a 26 year old doctor was raped and burnt and that incident led to provoke my mind to raise a question: Who are we?

    I’m asking you now and to all the human beings there outside – have you ever thought who you are?

    I don’t have the complete answer but all I know is that we are not human beings, definitely we are not. While I’m writing this, my heart is crying out. I don’t know why but may be due to the horrible news that I watched. How can any sane human do this? Rape a girl and burn her or even molest a girl or even think of all this?

    On the one side we worship Goddesses and on the other there are these kinds of so called men who indulged in brutal acts such as rape and murder. What’s happening to the society? Who is responsible for such incidents? Surely our society should collectively my hang its head in shame.

    Sometimes I think we have no humanity left in ourselves anymore. We have just turned into some kind of robots who are just doing what they have been told to do. I really think what all was going on in their head when they were indulging in such brutality. As far as we are concerned we are just sharing the news on social media. There would be some criticism of the government and that of the judicial system and then all will forget about it.

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    We need to look closely at our society and what kind of values are being imparted to the children in the schools and in the homes.

    It’s our duty to teach not only our sons but our brothers, cousins and sometimes even fathers that this is not right and to how to behave with females. We also must make the society aware of the dangers and raise our voice against sexual harassment. We must tell the youngsters about equality and the need to respect the other gender.

    Discussing words like sex and rapes are considered a taboo in the society. Most families do not discuss such issues at home. But why not?

    It is important that right values are imparted from home. How men treat their wives and what women have to say about other women. Children get influenced by what they see at home. If their father is not treating their mother with respect they get an idea that it is normal to treat women with disrespect. Similarly mothers and sisters have to inculcate values and respect for other women and sensitise children towards equality and respect for all human beings and particularly for the females.

    To my mind education is everything and it must start from home.

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