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    You may have heard that in order to stay fit you should eat less. Well that would not be the correct way to reduce weight. Proper dieting entails eating food in a regulated way to decrease and maintain body weight. Dieting in a healthy way has always proved to be beneficial but at the same time following a diet without proper guidance leads to a negative impact on one’s health.

    Shaina Chauhan, BA (Hons.) English student at Shoolini University
    Shaina Chauhan

    A restricted diet is often followed by those who are overweight, sometimes in combination with physical exercise, in order to reduce body weight. Dieting includes the removal of small portions of food or specific kind of food to lose weight, but they often get the bitter end of the stick as research has shown that 90 per cent of the diet plans in the market are either ineffective or potentially unhealthy over a long term period. Some are associated with great expenses, strange techniques, pills and hormones. Healthy diets can also contribute to adequate body weight. Vitamins and minerals in the diet are vital to boost immunity and healthy development.

    Some common side effects of dieting include nutritional deficiencies such as deficiency of carbohydrates, minerals like calcium and sodium. Their absence in diet can be the root cause of numerous deficiency diseases. If there is a drastic decrease in calorie intake during dieting, then it can lead to slow metabolism. The body metabolism slows down to conserve energy, body will store fat and use muscle mass energy.

    Constipation is another side effect of dieting, it is simply the state of having irregular bowel movements and is very common in severe dieting. There are many ways to lose weight but these may not be healthy and may lead to a lot of complications. Eating a healthy and balanced diet under the guidance of a nutritionist is key for healthy weight loss without any side effects.

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