Conference Tackles Trauma & Relationships with Global Insights

The Centre of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences at Shoolini University, in collaboration with Speaking Cube, an online mental health consulting foundation, and the University of Venda, South Africa, hosted the 4th Virtual International Conference on ‘Mindful Trauma Management and Happy Relationships’.

The conference marked a significant milestone in mental health and relationship dynamics, bringing together a wealth of expertise and insights from around the world.

The chief guest at the Conference, Uttarakhand State Minister Madhu Bhatt, shared her insights on woman empowerment and the importance of mental health in leading fulfilling lives.

Distinguished speakers, including psychologist and play therapist Gurmeet Sharda, and founder director of Speaking Cube Deepika Chamoli Shahi, provided guidance and inspiration throughout the event.

Notable figures such as Padma Bhushan Anil Prakash Joshi and Shoolini University Chancellor Prof Prem Kumar Khosla enriched the discourse with their wisdom and experience.

Director and Mentor, Yogananda School of Spirituality and Happiness at Shoolini University, Saamdu Chetri, talked about childhood trauma, self-love, and the transformative power of mindfulness in fostering harmonious relationships.

The second day of the conference featured engaging sessions led by experts like Rajkiran Donthu and Lobsang Bhutia. Advocate Pankaj Chetri and Congress spokesperson (Uttarakhand) enlightened the gathering about drug abuse and its impact on day-to-day life. Advocate Pankaj Chetri also felicitated the creative team.

In her closing remarks, Deepika Chamoli Shahi expressed gratitude to all participants for their invaluable contributions and emphasised the conference’s role in driving positive change in mental health and relationships through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Sneha Bharadwaj, Shreya Khatwal, UPES, Petroleum; Harneet Kaur, UPES, Petroleum; Sanskriti Aggrawal, UPES, Petroleum; and Anushka Bartwal, Graphic Era University of the 4th Virtual Conference, received the Award of Excellence in Creativity.

The conference also felicitated 25 collaborations, including 23 national and two international partnerships, showcasing the spirit of global cooperation in addressing mental health challenges. Six universities directly partnered with the conference, highlighting the significance of academic institutions in advancing research and dialogue on mental well-being.

In the valedictory session, Sunita Dalal and Advocate Pankaj Chetri emphasised the connection between gut health, substance abuse, and mental well-being, shedding light on holistic approaches to mental health management.

Solan, March 21

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