Vedika Balances Academics and Passion at Shoolini

Amidst the serene Himalayan backdrop, Shoolini University is the one-stop destination for ambitious students seeking a holistic education. Vedika Teotia, hailing from Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, is one such student who has found her calling here. Enrolled in the BSc Neuro and Behavioural Psychology program, Vedika combines her academic studies with her various personal interests.  

Shoolini’s nurturing environment has empowered her to excel in her studies while pursuing her passion for modelling and research.   

Shoolini is the top private university in India (ranked No.1 by QS and Times Higher Education World University Rankings). The university offers BA and BSc programs in Psychology for students with varied academic interests. It was the top-notch rankings, and picturesque campus, that brought Vedika to Shoolini.   

Driven by her fascination with the complexities of the human mind, the first-year student finds Shoolini the ideal place to pursue her studies. Vedika emphasises the university’s exceptional and dedicated faculty, who go beyond the conventional teaching methods to provide personalised guidance and mentorship.    

“Contrary to the common notion that college life requires self-study due to lack of faculty involvement, Shoolini’s mentors are highly supportive and encouraging,” Vedika remarks, adding, “Their guidance inspires us to be the best versions of ourselves.”  

Shoolini University, known for its high-impact research, has given Vedika numerous opportunities for hands-on research projects. She has conducted experiments on anxiety, personality, and reaction time, and has even written her research paper. This practical approach to learning is one of the many aspects Vedika appreciates about her academic journey.   

Explaining her area of study, she highlighted the university’s research-oriented and growth-focused curriculum. She added that world-class infrastructure with modern facilities and 24/7 learning access to the Yogananda Library helped students grow and excel. “Spending 4-5 hours with our professors and learning still feels like… YEH DIL MAANGE MORE.”  

Beyond academics, Vedika is also passionate about modelling. She was a finalist in Miss Teen Diva 2022 and credits Shoolini’s modelling club, KULT, for allowing her to explore this interest further. The university has many clubs that offer several activities — from music and dance to art and sports. This ensures that every student can pursue their passion alongside their studies.  

Shoolini University’s flexible attendance policy and focus on holistic development allow students to balance their academic and extracurricular interests effectively. Field trips to local schools, NGOs, and government hospitals like IGMC Shimla helped Vedika gain practical exposure and enrich the learning experience.  

The psychology department organises numerous events, including Mental Health Day, Suicide Prevention Week rallies, and collaborations with the yoga department to promote mindfulness.   

Vedika finds peace and inspiration on the beautiful and serene Shoolini campus. “Studying in such a tranquil environment is a dream for any student,” she says. “I am living that dream. Shoolini truly is ‘A Paradise of Education’.”

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