Body Building is Now Addiction for Me

MBA student Karan Saini, a certified Nutritionist and Body Transformation expert, who has also launched his own fitness brand talked about his journey in an interview with SHAINA CHAUHAN. Excerpts:

What has motivated you the most towards fitness?

I have two reasons for that – I was very fat and people made fun of me. I wanted to change myself. Secondly, I wanted a hobby where I get a good return from what I invest in, so I went for bodybuilding.

BodyBuilding Expert - Karan Saini MBA student of Shoolini University
Karan Saini

Some insight about your transformation?

Initially, I just started with fat loss, but once I saw the results, it became an addiction for me. I started with 1-2 hours of workouts in the gym. Now my lifestyle is 2 hours work out in the morning and a similar workout in the evening. The bodybuilding lifestyle is the toughest one to follow, and I love to do tough things.

Tell me something about your diet?

My diet keeps changing, it depends upon my goal. It is a Calorie-surplus diet during size gaining season and calorie deficient diet during my fat shedding season. I do prefer wholesome foods like eggs, chicken, cheese, milk, curd, veggies, fruits, potatoes, bananas, soya beans etc. The supplements I use include whey protein which is made from milk.

What kind of struggles you faced during your transformation phase?

As I hail from a rural area where people are less aware of such things, my family also supported me very little in this. Among the sacrifices, I made include investing all of my pocket money, time, energy, tears, emotions into fitness for the last 4 years. I havent even celebrated my birthday for the last 4 years. I faced a lot of problems but by Gods grace now things are changing.

What are your achievements so far in fitness?

I had participated in Mr Himachal bodybuilding in 2k17. My position was in the top ten, besides a few powerlifting competitions as well. Now Im preparing for Mr Himachal 2019.

What was the basic idea behind starting your own fitness brand?

Since Im into fitness for the past 4 years, I have become a Certified Nutritionist and Body Transformation Expert. So I decided to open my own fitness brand. Rising Alphas( Opc) Private Limited which has been launched recently. My mission is to create Himachal into a fitness hub. I want to generate more awareness about fitness among people, which lacks in Himachal Pradesh.

Any message for students?

I want to say that youth should stop the use of drugs and alcohol. My mission is to create a drug-free environment in Himachal and convert Himachal into a fitness hub. So lets join hands together in this mission. Eat good, stay fit, stay healthy

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