Virtual classrooms place Shoolini Varsity at the top

Ronika Angelina   

Shoolini University has taken a pioneering and innovative step in introducing virtual classes and online learning for students in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. This step is in line with similar systems introduced by leading global universities like Oxford and Harvard. 

After initial glitches, due to heavy load on the servers, around 90 per cent of classes were made operational within a week. The University also took the help of other apps to facilitate virtual classrooms through E-Univ. The students are able to attend live lecture through the virtual classrooms. They can also ask questions and get answers in real time. 

Protect the semester

We introduced the system to protect the semester and ensure that the students do not suffer from postponed examinations, and delayed graduation, said Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof Atul Khosla.? ? All lectures will now be held as per the scheduled time table, albeit in virtual space. We shall ensure that not a single day of study should be lost and students should graduate on time, he added.

Prof Khosla said the system enables the students to interact with teachers who can make use of other technological tools such as graphs and power point presentations. The system includes provision for conducting examinations in a secure environment, he added.   

Explaining the quick transition from regular lectures, he said that Shoolini University researchers and the IT team had been working on the online learning system for the last several months which was an extension of the E-Univ system already enforced in the University. Under the E-Univ system, lectures are recorded in a capsule form which can be accessed by students at any time. 

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