VE -V Empower: Youth engage in Working Styles in Action

The VE -V Empower Coaching programme being run at the Shoolini University organised its second session in the series of seminars to be conducted for student development aimed at empowering the youth.

The sessions are being organised by Payal Jindal Khanna, Senior Coach at Shoolini University, under the guidance of Vice-Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla.

The key speaker for the session was Jayashree Marakini Braganza, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Coach and a consultant. She led an interactive and engaging session on the topic, Working Styles in Action: Making the Most of our Preferred Styles.

In her opening remarks, Payal Jindal Khanna quoted Tim Robbins, a bestselling author. She said, Your working style is the way you go about your day-to-day tasks on the job. Everyone has his or her own working style  or strategy  for optimal performance at work.

empowering the youth

The session conducted by Braganza focused on the unique combination of five working styles. These working styles had a great impact on what we did and how we did it, including how we turned up in class, our relationships, time management or even how we responded to a pandemic.

She also stated that no style was more significant or better than the other. Each Style had its strengths and “Shadow Effect”. All we needed to see was how we could maximise the strength and balance the shadow. In a relationship, how can a please others style and a be strong style build a mutually rewarding relationship?

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