Students Explore Wonders of Science at CSLC Museum

Shimla: In a fascinating event combining education with excitement, the Centre for Science, Learning, and Creativity (CSLC) Science Museum, managed by Shoolini University, recently became a hub of inspiration for young minds. Hosting 162 students from the Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS) Khalag and DAV Public School, Shimla, the museum turned into a vibrant ground of learning and innovation.

As the students, accompanied by their teachers, stepped into the museum, they were greeted by a world of scientific wonders. The museum’s main attraction, ‘The Innovarium,’ a four-story edifice, offered a unique arcade-like experience. The students interacted with 52 engaging exhibits across the ground and first floors, which also housed a souvenir shop. The journey continued to the second floor, which boasted a Hall of Fame and a well-stocked library. The third floor featured a majestic Auditorium and a Conference Hall, culminating at the Director’s room.

Talking to students, Museum Director Ravikant Thakur said vocational education was a bridge between academic knowledge and real-world application. It equipped students with practical skills for successful careers. Thakur pointed out the advantages of vocational education, such as early job market entry, lower financial burden, and the opportunity for students to explore their passions.
The session, enriching for both students and teachers, shed light on the evolving landscape of education. Thakur expressed his satisfaction with the event’s success, stating, “This informative and inspiring session ignited curiosity and innovation in young minds.”

Situated about 1,900 meters in Anandpur near Shoghi, the museum’s location adds to its charm. Surrounded by natural beauty, it offers a serene environment for learning, especially beneficial for rural students who often lack access to such facilities.

Located approximately 1,900 meters above sea level in Anandpur near Shoghi, the museum’s setting enhances its appeal. Nestled amidst natural splendour, it provides a tranquil learning environment, especially advantageous for rural students with limited access to such facilities.

As the students returned to their classrooms, they gained fresh insights into vocational education, shaping their academic and creative endeavours. The CSLC Science Museum, through initiatives like this, persistently nurtures curiosity and creativity, moulding the innovators of tomorrow.

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Shoolini Team
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