Sristi Aces State Lawn Tennis Tournament

Sristi Singh Guleria has shot her way to fame, claiming the coveted Gold Medal in the State Lawn Tennis Tournament. She shared that her passion for tennis ignited at the age of 11 when her father encouraged her to choose a “sport for life”. Despite having options like gymnastics, swimming, and figure skating, Sristi chose tennis as her lifelong love affair.

With her sights set on the Nationals, Sristi’s recent victory in the state tournament has reinforced her determination to succeed at the national level. Her past experiences participating in three national tournaments have equipped her with invaluable lessons, preparing her to face the competition with determination.

She revealed that her passion is fuelled by the legacy of her role model, Rafael Nadal. The tennis player’s resilience, work ethic, and sportsmanship constantly remind Sristi to stay focused and push her boundaries.

A BSc in Behavioural and Neuro Psychology student at Shoolini University, Sristi credits the university for her successes. “The flexible and well-structured timetable allowed me to balance my academic commitments with rigorous training sessions on the court,” she shares.

Sristi also expressed gratitude to her mentors for their invaluable support during moments of self-doubt. Their encouragement and guidance helped her navigate difficult times, restoring her confidence in her capabilities.

As she continues to dream bigger and aim higher, we wish her a bright future in the world of tennis. We are incredibly proud of Sristi’s achievement and congratulate her on her outstanding performance.

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