Soaring High: Shoolini is Top Ranked Young Private University

Shoolini University, located in Himachal Pradesh, has now become India’s top ranked young private university. With a significant presence in global and national education circles, the university has set benchmarks for delivering excellent education and promoting innovative research. Among its accolades, Shoolini shares the top spot with others as India’s premier Private University according to both the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2023 and QS World University Rankings 2024. Additionally, QS Asia University Rankings 2023 names it as India’s top Private University based on Citations per Paper. Other recognitions, such as its place among the Top 200 Global Universities and its rank of #2 in India in THE Impact Rankings 2023, only bolster its global reputation.

In a statement, Prof PK Khosla, the Founder and Chancellor of Shoolini University said, “Over the past 13 years, our unwavering commitment to research has propelled us to the top echelons of private research universities in India. Our origin story is rooted in a clear mission to champion research-oriented learning, and today we celebrate this significant achievement.”

Prof Khosla further elaborated on his aspirations for the institution, “Within the next half-decade, we aim to feature among the world’s Top 200 universities and in the coming decade, we want to be counted among the global Top 10. As I reflect on my years, witnessing this accomplishment becomes a personal and passionate goal.”

The university has notably made strides in Engineering and Physical Sciences, gaining global recognition. It’s named India’s second-best Engineering University and sits among the top 250 universities worldwide in the THE World University Rankings 2023. Furthermore, it leads India and holds a position within the top 250 globally in Physical Sciences. Such milestones emphasise the university’s commitment to spearheading research in key scientific arenas.

Shoolini University’s contributions to research are further highlighted by its 1,300+ patents and recognition of two of its scientists among the global top 1% based on a Stanford University listing. Moreover, its strong alliances with various industries enable students to gain practical exposure. The university’s H-index surpassing 111 affirms its competitive research stature globally.
In the THE Asia University Rankings 2023, Shoolini claims the 77th spot, marking its prominence among Asia’s top educational bodies and ranking third in India. Additionally, it has been acknowledged for its International Outlook and Citations in India, securing the first and second positions, respectively.

Sanjiv Arora, the university’s Chief Advisor of International Affairs and ex-Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs, remarked, “Shoolini University’s successes underscore its commitment to academic brilliance and revolutionary research. Its emphasis on research, combined with an elite faculty and modern infrastructure, has positioned it at the zenith of academic distinction. As India gears up for its next phase of growth, the university is poised to mould the trailblazers of the future.”

Shoolini University has emerged as India’s top-ranked Young Private University due to its unwavering commitment to academic excellence, innovative research initiatives, and comprehensive student growth. Backed by an esteemed faculty and cutting-edge facilities, the university’s research focus spans key national sectors, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and diagnostics, solidifying its influential stance in the academic realm.

About Shoolini University

Established in 2009, Shoolini University, as per THE World University Rankings 2023 and QS World University Rankings 2024, holds joint top positions among private universities in India. Catering to a wide academic spectrum, from undergraduate to doctoral levels, the university places emphasis on research-driven, hands-on learning and the all-round development of its students. Furnished with cutting-edge facilities, global partnerships, and an unwavering dedication to academic brilliance, Shoolini University equips its students for prosperous futures and as informed global citizens.

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