Shoolini Extends Learning Opportunities to Nearby Schools

Shoolini University, known for its commitment to holistic education and fostering a spirit of curiosity and learning, has opened its campus to students from schools near the university campus.

Recently, the university hosted a special visit for 67 school students at the Yogananda Knowledge Centre, where they explored the corridors of knowledge and the legacy of our forefathers.

Students from grades 6 to 10, of SouthVale School, Solan, were excited for this walkthrough of Shoolini University’s campus. The headmistress, teachers, and librarians led the group in exploring the various galleries, libraries, and research laboratories. This included visiting the Science Gallery, CV Raman Gallery, Swaminathan Gallery, Indian Constitution Gallery, Chander Shekhar Gallery, and the Vrindavan Garden. While these galleries showcase and honour the contributions of prominent scientists and luminaries, the highlight of the excursion was the Children’s Book Section on the top floor of the four-storey library, which opens to a lush green courtyard. This space allows readers to loll over and offers a selection of classics from Percy Jackson to Sherlock and great writers like Ruskin Bond, Nancy Drew, and others. These books cater to the young and nostalgic aficionados of reading.

A vibrant educational environment is nurtured at Shoolini under the guidance and visionary leadership of Chancellor Prof PK Khosla. This is why the university takes the initiative to invite young minds, exposing them to the rich past while keeping a futuristic approach. Students of the government schools of Shamrod Nauni, Darja, and Oachghat visited the campus recently.

Assistant Prof Harsha Thakur from the YKC library said, “This activity is to motivate young students to cultivate the habit of reading. Children from nearby schools are encouraged to become members of the YKC library.” This facility is provided free of cost by the university.

This initiative aims to inspire young minds by showcasing the contributions of prominent scientists and personalities, highlighting their invaluable impact on society. A special section in the YKC Library introduces students from Nursery to Class 5 to the library facilities and how best to use them. Another section in the library is housed with books on competitive exams for grown-up children. By cultivating a culture of exploration and inspiration, Shoolini University continues to nurture young minds.

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Shoolini Team
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