Shoolini Champions Millet Revolution with Dr Valli’s Guidance

To celebrate and promote the International Year of Millet, the School of Agriculture at Shoolini University organised a special lecture by renowned agricultural expert Padmashri (Dr) Khadar Valli, affectionately known as the ‘Millet Man of India’. The event, held on May 22 at the APJ Hall, aimed to raise awareness about the importance of millet as a nutritious and sustainable food source.

Dr Khadar Valli, with his immense expertise and extensive work spanning over 25 years, captivated the audience with his enlightening insights into the millet world. He emphasised the need to bring millet back to our plates for our well-being. He stated, “We are losing too many reserves of nature, but we can restore them by adopting millets as our staple food. I believe Shoolini University is the prime place to reintroduce millets into the hearts and plates of Himachal Pradesh.”

Dr Khadar Valli’s lecture resonated with the audience, inspiring them to explore the potential of millet cultivation and consumption. The event served as a platform to exchange ideas and knowledge about millets’ nutritional and environmental advantages.

In addition to the inspiring lecture, the event featured several stalls set up on the campus to provide valuable information on the advantages of millets. These stalls showcased practical guidance on growing and caring for millet plants. They offered guidance on substituting wheat with millet in our daily meals. The interactive nature of the stalls allowed participants to gain hands-on knowledge and engage in meaningful conversations about millet cultivation and consumption.

The enthusiasm and active participation of the audience contributed to the vibrant atmosphere, creating a platform for meaningful discussions on millet’s role in shaping a healthier and more sustainable future.
May 22, 2023

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