New Students Step Into Varsity Life With Gusto

Bright excited freshers enjoyed two days of Induction 2022 as they sailed their way into life on the Shoolini campus. The auditoriums were jampacked with an invigorating and enlightening series of activities organised to greet and welcome new students.

Chancellor Prof PK Khosla and Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla addressed over 1500+ students for Freshmen Batch 2022. Prof Khosla dwelt upon the functioning of the university and motivated newcomers to contribute to the well-being of society. Talking about the Universitys ethos, Prof Atul Khosla encouraged new students to pursue their dreams and assured them that the university would always support them.

The students swore an oath to uphold good conduct during their association with the university. New students were also given a tour of the campus, including labs, playgrounds, the 24X7 Yogananda Library, and their respective departments.

Excited, they attended a variety of sessions, including sessions on mental health, ragging, and road safety, a session on Yoga and Meditation and a session on e-learning for stress-free university experience and learning. This also included a transformation session on V-Empower coaching, which is a free coaching program offered by the university to help students rediscover themselves.

Mission 130, a session by Ajay Khanna, was all about training and placement support provided at the University. He spoke about the proactive Placement Cell at the university that provided 100 per cent support to students to procure internships and placements in top companies.

In addition, students got an insight into the use of the MyShoolini app. In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the university has provided a student support portal on the MyShoolini App to assist them resolve any university and education-related questions.

The induction program concluded with Club Mela and Open Mic event. During Club Mela, the students were greatly overjoyed at the opportunity to choose and join a club of their choice. There are over 20 clubs at Shoolini that cater to diverse interests, enhancing the knowledge and skills of students and assisting them in personal development. These include the literary club, dance and singing clubs, radio club, NSS club, YouWeCan club, and many more at Shoolini University.

The Open Mic was a great success as students entertained the audience with their energetic performances. Concluding the program, freshmen enjoyed a lively interaction with the faculty members and had a thrilling dance session with their seniors.

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Shoolini Team
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