Make 15-minute meditation a part of your lifestyle: Prof Khosla

Emphasising the significance of meditation, Shoolini University Chancellor Prof Prem Kumar Khosla said everyone must make 15 minutes of meditation a part of their lifestyle. He was speaking during the fourth webinar, Self Realisation through Yoga Meditation at Shoolini University. The event was organised by the Yogananda Centre for Theology (YCT), of which he is the Patron.

Other eminent speakers at the event were, Dr Kedar Nath Banerjee, Professor Emeritus, Spiritualism, Shoolini University. Dr Banerjee has done his B Tech from IIT Mumbai and PhD in Economics and Management from Lisbon University, Portugal.

Prof Khosla said meditation and Yoga were an inseparable part of Indian and Hindu heritage. Talking about Mahavatar Babaji and Lahari Mahasaya Ji, he explained how they had rejuvenated the science of Kriya Yoga. He shared many stories from the Autobiography of a Yogi (a famous spiritual classic) and explained all about Pranayama and its significance in the day-to-day life of every individual.

Dr Kedar Nath Banerjee talked about Ashtanga Yoga in the modern context. He briefed about the Vedas and the Upanishads. Everyone wants peace, tranquillity, and bliss, he said, explaining how Patanjali Sutra was dedicated to mental and physical wellbeing. Our main goal should be to attain eternal peace and bliss, which is possible only by understanding the importance of Astanga Yoga, he stated.

YCT Chairman Mr Vivek Atray presented the closing remarks and shared how Sri Paramahansa Yogananda spread the message of Yoga meditation throughout the world. YCT Coordinator Dr Prerna Bhardwaj and Assistant Prof Dr Supriya Srivastava organised the webinar along with Dr Lalit Sharma, Assistant Prof from Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shoolini University.

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