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Solan, June 30
Continuing to create awareness and engagement about pressing issues of global significance, Shoolini University organised an International Webinar on Molecular Simulations under the Shoolini Science Web Series. The key speakers at the webinar, an initiative of the School of Physics and Materials Science, were Dr Leonardo Belpassi, Researcher at the Institute of Chemical Science and Technologies, University of Perugia, Italy, and Dr Loriano Storchi, Associate Professor, Universit? G DAnnunzio Chieti-Pescara, Italy.
All faculty members, research scholars and students of the School of Physics and Materials Sciences, Shoolini University, attended the webinar. The virtual event was organised on the Zoom platform and was live on Shoolini Universitys YouTube channel as well.
Welcoming the guest speakers, Prof Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Dean Sciences, thanked them for accepting the proposal to speak on Four-component Dirac-Kohn-Sham calculations: State of the Art and Computational Advancements.
Shoolini University Chancellor Prof PK Khosla congratulated Prof Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Dr Anirban Saha and the entire team for organising such interactions of global importance and thanked Dr Leonardo Belpassi and Dr Loriano Storchi for sparing their time to be the speakers for the day.
Dr Belpassi talked about the basics on the need of relativity in chemistry, the algebraic approximation and Dirac-Kohn-Sham approach with some examples of actual calculations for understanding the chemical bond in a relativistic framework. Next, Dr Storchi discussed the technical part about the most significant computational aspects.
Shoolini University Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla congratulated the School of Physics and Materials Science for organising the wonderful event and sharing the utility of the digital world. He further shared that such international events with the participation of illustrious speakers from across the globe had become possible due to COVID-19 generated circumstances. We are truly becoming Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The world is one family) now.
Earlier, Dr Anirban Saha, Assistant Prof of Physics, introduced the speakers to the audience. Dr Pooja Dhiman, Assistant Prof of Physics, proposed the vote of thanks to both the speakers.
Student interaction with the renowned speakers was engaging and interesting. The webinar was moderated by Assistant Prof Gun Anit Kaur.

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