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The field of data science is growing rapidly and is revolutionising industries. In simple words, extracting actionable inputs from raw data is known as Data Science. It can be defined as an interdisciplinary field where scientific methods, data analysis, processes, and algorithm indicators are used to extract meaningful information. 

In the past few years, many big businesses have migrated online. This has given rise to many data science niche areas, like cloud and scalable AI, blockchain in analytics, etc.

Industry trends also indicate that by 2025, 70% of prominent organisations are upgrading their systems so that data science can bring them viable results and growth. 

Importance of Data Science

Studies indicate that by 2025, data will grow globally to 175 zettabytes. Companies need to use this data to make informed decisions for sustainable business growth. Through Data Science, companies can predict valuable insights to boost growth.

It is also used across multiple industry segments, including policy work, finance, healthcare, banking, etc. Companies can analyse trends that will help them increase customer engagement and boost performance and profit margins.

With such encouraging trends, pursuing a professional course like MSc Data Science or MBA Data Science can open up new and exciting career avenues for anyone interested in data handling. The basic skill to become a successful data science professional is the ability to arrange data for analysis effectively.

Benefits of pursuing a masters degree in Data Science

There are many benefits of pursuing a masters degree in data science. Students who pursue a masters degree in data science learn in-demand data science skills. They get a foothold in languages like Python and R Programming and develop knowledge of concepts like machine learning, data visualisation and data wrangling. 

Getting an advanced degree in data science also makes the student more hirable. Leading data science web platforms indicate that 88 per cent of students who get jobs in this field have a masters in data science and around 46 per cent with top positions hold a PhD.

Such professionals also get placed in higher salary brackets. The average data scientist salary in the US was $114,012 in 2020, likely going up by 10 per cent in 2025.

Students who pursue a masters degree in Data Science make vital contributions in segments like health and designing public health policies and improving the understanding of health practices, etc. Thus, they become essential stakeholders in our developmental planning across sectors. 

Options for pursuing Data Science as a Career

Among the options for pursuing a successful career in Data Science, the name of Shoolini University emerges among the top. Data Science at Shoolini University is unique for the fact that this university has ranked among the Global Top 200 Universities in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings for 2022.

With 1100+ patents filed and Number 1 in Citations in India per paper, the university is a name to reckon with.

Data Science at Shoolini University

Students can enrol for BTech CSE Data Science if they wish to start early in this emerging career field. This is a 4-year program at Shoolini University where students specialise in Analytics and Database Administration. After completing BTech CSE Data Science, they can enrol in Masters Degree Programs, including MBA Data Science and MSc Data Science. Students should have a minimum of 55% marks to seek admission at Post Graduate level. 

Masters Degree in Data Science

MBA Data Science

MBA Data Science at Shoolini University is a specialised two-year program that prepares students for taking comprehensive data-driven insightful decisions. Students learn to solve business problems that need data-driven decisions, especially in IT, whether complex software handling or mobile application management.

The curriculum encompasses communication, statistics, analytical tools, and information technology elements. Project-based learning, simulations and hands-on experience in the industry form the core of MBA Data Science at Shoolini University.

Current industry needs and emerging future trends are also essential to the curriculum, along with emerging modules like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Python Programming, and Design Thinking.

The influence of these technologies in business management also forms a key component of MBA Data Science at Shoolini. Industry experts also interact with students regularly to give them comprehensive insight into emerging trends in Data Science.

Career positions for MBA Data Science

MBA Data Science offers a promising future to anyone who completes the two-year degree program successfully. Career positions that open up after completion of an MBA Data Science include:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Statistician
  • Data Analyst
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Application Architect
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Data Scientist

MSc Data Science

MSc Data Science at Shoolini University is a two-year program. Students interested in data analytics will find this program informative and fit the pertinent needs of the industry. 

Emphasis is laid on emerging analytical practices, making students competent at data handling. The course curriculum has been designed to help students explore current research and practices, pre-processing and data cleaning, data analytics and modelling.

Students get ample hands-on experience at numerous state-of-the-art computer labs and receive industry-recognised certifications. The university has valuable collaborations with industry leaders like IBM, Microsoft and AWS Academy. 

Career Positions for MSc Data Science 

Shoolini University has a dedicated placement cell that ensures the placement of its MSc Data Science and MBA Data Science students. Shoolini students get hired by top companies like Ericsson, HCL, Polaris, Genpact, Smartdata, Tata Hitachi, IBM, and others.

Positions include:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Data Administrator
  • Data Analytics Manager

The faculty for postgraduate programs like MSc Data Science and MBA Data Science is highly qualified with valuable experience in their field. They have guided many postgraduate and doctorate level students in this field. Faculty members are from prestigious institutions like Oxford, IITs, IIMs, NIT Hamirpur and Panjab University, etc. 


Data Science as a program or career field combines multiple disciplines and provides a holistic insight into raw data. It relies on artificial intelligence, especially machine learning and deep learning and creates models to make predictions using algorithms and other modern techniques.

Pursuing a masters degree from a leading institution opens opportunities for students to contribute to this data-driven sector and create a bright future.


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