15 Shoolinians go Overseas Under Student Exchange Program

In its quest for global competence and cross-cultural enrichment, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at Shoolini University has selected 15 students for the upcoming semester’s foreign student exchange program. So far, the international student exchange program has awarded scholarships worth Rs 30 crore to meritorious students, fostering global competence and international collaboration.

Some students have received comprehensive support, including fully funded tuition and accommodation. The scholars, hailing from Chitrakoot School of Liberal Arts, School of Business Management, and School of Biotechnology include Roohani Kumar, Salina Kim, Rashmi Joshi, Shivam Verma, Achyut Kaul, Kritharth Pandey, Ishika Thakur, Hrishika Sharma, Devanshi Patel, Ansh Bedi, Kushagra Agrawal, Aditya Pandey, Arshad Jamal, Ishani Ghosh and Dhiren Sharma.

Prof RP Dwivedi, who leads the Office of International Affairs, pointed out, “The chosen students are about to start life-changing adventures in countries like Taiwan, Italy, Indonesia, Turkey, and China. These trips are set to expand their knowledge and cultural awareness, helping them get global exposure, grow as individuals and add value to their education and personal development.”

Exceptional Selection Criteria

One of the best student exchange programs in India,  the OIA conducted a selection process combining the academic records of students along with their extracurricular engagement. The criteria included their impressive CVs, commendable CGPAs, exemplary interviews, and active participation in extracurricular activities. Proficiency in English and effective communication skills were equally vital, recognising the pivotal role effective communication plays in ensuring a fruitful and rewarding exchange journey. These carefully chosen students exemplify Shoolini University’s dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals prepared to excel in the global arena.

Dual Academic & Cultural Aims

The foreign student exchange program serves as a two-way street for academic and cultural enrichment. Outgoing students explore new academic vistas, diving into varied courses and research avenues that expand their intellectual boundaries. At the same time, they acquire valuable cultural knowledge that enhances their global awareness and flexibility. On the flip side, incoming students enrich the educational environment of the university with their unique perspectives while navigating a different academic setting. Interacting with a foreign culture accelerates personal growth and fosters a deep respect for diverse traditions. In this way, the program acts as a catalyst for mutual learning, where academic rigour and cross-cultural insight come together to create globally aware individuals.

Seamless Transition Assured

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) ensures a seamless transition for participating students. From comprehensive pre-departure orientations to adept visa arrangements, OIA provides unwavering guidance. Collaborating with partner institutions, the OIA team facilitates a supportive environment abroad. This allows students to concentrate on their academic and personal development, making the most of international opportunities.

Success Stories and Experiences Galore

The exchange program has many success stories that inspire both current and future students. Over Rs 40 Crore in scholarships have been given to deserving students worldwide. Some have even gotten full funding for advanced degrees abroad, along with generous monthly payments. For example, Babita, Jasmine, and Hasan received a scholarship of Rs 50 lakh each. Nandini Thakur is now doing her PhD at Lanzhou University and gets a monthly payment of 4000 CNY. Jasmine Kaur is working on her PhD at Griffith University and receives 4000 USD every month. These achievements highlight not just the students’ academic skills but also the global recognition they have received. These stories show the power of the exchange program to create international ties and help students succeed on a global scale.

Comprehensive Student Support

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) support students whole-heartedly while they’re abroad. Before leaving, students attend orientations that teach them about the local culture and what to expect academically. A 24/7 helpline is also available to sort out any issues they may face. University reps check in regularly to maintain a strong link and help with challenges. Working with other schools, OIA also helps students get counselling and take part in fun activities. All these efforts come together to ensure students are safe and successful during their time abroad.

More International Partnerships in Future

The OIA at Shoolini University is focused on advancing the exchange program in the future. The university plans to partner with more international institutions, offering students a bigger range of choices in where they can go and what they can study.

Being the No.1 Private University of India (QS World University Rankings & Times Higher Education World University Rankings) we have collaborations with countries like Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Turkey, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. To make it more accessible, we’re working on providing more scholarships and financial aid. Better prep talks are also in the works for before students leave and when they come back, to help them adjust to new cultures. We’re also considering adding online elements to widen the scope of the program.

Besides the foreign exchange program, Shoolini University also has some of the best study abroad programs like the 2+2 program, twinning program, and the dual degree program.

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