PhD Economics (3 years) at Shoolini University focuses on research in a specific subject within the broad field of Economics under the supervision of leading experts. Students learn to tackle global economic challenges while understanding theoretical debates in economics and business, analyse economic problems and evaluate the implications. They develop advanced technical skills to pursue innovative research work and gain access to the frontiers of knowledge. 

Shoolini is a vibrant and active research hub with weekly seminars in macroeconomics, economic theory and applied economics. It inculcates valuable skills in students through research-based learning. 

Students learn innovative business techniques in addition to spontaneous research analysis. The interdisciplinary nature of the subject, combined with its rigour, opens a plethora of opportunities for an Economics doctorate in areas spanning public policy and development, to data science, marketing, research and teaching. 

Specialisations are available in micro and macroeconomics, monetary economics, international Economics, Theory of demand, Production and cost, Distribution, Market Theory, Money and Banking, etc. 

Key Highlights 

As the one of the leading universities of India, Shoolini University offers a highly specialised Doctoral Programme in Economics.  

  • A+++ Rated Business School by Go Education 
  • All India No. 19 among Private Business Schools by Dainik Bhaskar 
  • Illustrious faculty from Oxford and varied national and global associations 
  • On-campus 24X7 Yogananda library with EBSCO access 
  • Students receive JRF at UG & PG levels  
  • Infrastructure guided by ICAR 
  • Research-based exchange programmes 

Career Opportunities

A doctoral degree in Economics prepares students for wide range of career opportunities in various academic and information sectors, corporate sectors and organisations. 

  • Economist 
  • Lecturer 
  • Corporate Firm 
  • Financial Consultant 
  • Advisor 
  • Management Consulting 
  • Investment Analyst 
  • Accountant 
  • Policy Maker 

Key Areas of Research 

Marketing | Finance | Human Resource Management | Economics | Teaching 


13th Private University of India


Faculty from Oxford, Berkeley, UPenn, Columbia, IITs, IIMs etc.


Alumni at Stanford, Columbia, INSEAD, Napoli, Gachon

Course Instructors
Atul KhoslaProfessor
Amar RaoAssociate Professor
Kuldeep C RojheProfessor
Narinder VermaProfessor
Pratip MazumdarProfessor
Kesari SinghProfessor
Pooja VermaAssociate Professor
Varsha PatilAssistant Professor
Prachi KapilAssistant Professor
Neeraj PizarAssistant Professor
Nitin GuptaAssociate Professor
Kamal Kant VashisthAssociate Professor
Ankit ShuklaAssistant Professor
Chef Nagendra YadavAssistant Professor
Vijay KumarAssistant Professor
Rozy DhantaAssistant Professor
Ankita VermaAssistant Professor
Sandeep SinghAssistant Professor
Vinay NegiAssistant Professor
Devesh KumarProfessor
Pardeep SharmaProfessor
Mukesh GoswamiProfessor
Sanjeev Kumar SinghAssociate Professor
Ashoo KhoslaAssociate Professor
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Course Details
  • Eligibility: Four year graduation degree by research or two year masters degree in Economics/ Business/ Management/ related discipline with minimum 55% marks
  • Admission Criteria: Shoolini University's multiple choice entrance test, and assessment of research aptitude through concept note & faculty interaction
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Semester Fees: 75000

* One-time refundable security fee of Rs. 10,000

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