Chander Mohan Gupta

Associate Professor

PhD (Financial Crimes), 6 Years of Expertise

Dr. Chander owns a distinctive blend of corporate experience and academic expertise, a synergy that has significantly enriched his professional journey. Prior to embarking on his academic path, he amassed six years of invaluable experience within the corporate realm. This period of his career was characterized by a remarkable commitment to continual learning, as he consistently sought opportunities to expand his knowledge. Not only a seasoned advocate but he also shows a keen interest in the realm of accounting. This inclination culminated in his pursuit of a Ph.D. in the domain of Financial Crimes, an academic pursuit that ignited his passion for research. His scholarly pursuits have borne fruit in the form of two authored and two edited books, with two of these esteemed works being published by Springer Nature Chem.

His research focus predominantly gravitates toward the intricate field of financial crimes. His dedication to this subject matter has propelled him to disseminate his insights in esteemed Scopus-indexed and peer-reviewed journals worldwide. His influence extends beyond research, as he has taken on the role of a resource person for numerous Faculty Development Programs, many of which have been conducted under the aegis of the Government body MGNCRE.

His achievements also extend to the realm of intellectual property, as he boasts an impressive repertoire of six copyrighted works. This versatility underscores his adaptability and his ability to rise to the occasion, consistently delivering optimal performance irrespective of the context.

To summarise, he is a fusion of corporate acumen and academic zeal. His journey traverses’ diverse domains, encompassing legal advocacy, accounting ability, prolific research, and impactful pedagogical contributions. This multifaceted professional has left an indelible mark through his publications, scholarly engagements, and copyright achievements, setting a remarkable precedent for adaptability and excellence in any given circumstance.

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