Undergrad Seminar on Neo-Classical Sensibilities

(18th Century English Literature) 7th May 2021, at 2:00 PM


Close on the heels of the Undergrad Seminar on “Revisiting Nature in 19th Century Poetry – (Romantics/Victorian)” held recently, the Department of English, Shoolini University, invites students of BA Semester VI to participate in another Undergrad Seminar on “Neo-Classical Sensibilities – 18th Century English Literature.”

Our focus will be on the writers of 18th Century in England, also known as the Augustan Age or the Classical Age. We are looking for presentations on the writers of the times, their contribution, selected texts, poetic styles, themes, and also the social context.

The aim is to give a platform to young literature enthusiasts where they may be groomed as public speakers and scholars. We are not looking for very scholarly or research-oriented papers. Our aim is to have a meaningful discussion on Eighteenth-Century English Literature and also to ignite the interest of young students in literary discussions.

Please follow the instructions below and revert to us. We would be happy to answer any further queries.


  1. A college may send one or two participants of UG final year. 
  2. Paper presentation will be made (No PowerPoint presentations needed).
  3. Each student will be given 5 to 7 minutes to present his/her paper. A suggestion: keep the word-length of your paper between 700 – 800 words, not more.
  4. The medium of communication will be English.
  5. E-certificates will be given to all participants.
  6. Certificates of Appreciation will be given for the best presentations.
  7. Outstanding speakers will be invited to participate in our Friday Belletristic sessions. 

Teachers of prospective delegates are requested to send the following information:

  • Names of participants, their phone nos. and email ids.
  • Titles of papers to be presented.
  • Abstracts of about 50 words.

This information may be sent to or by the 1st of May 2021.

Organizing Team

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