Engineering & Technology

Computer Science in Today’s Job Market

Computer Science has become a powerhouse, driving innovation and shaping our digital world in ways that seemed like science fiction just a few decades...

Can Metaverse Change the Face of Education? 

In recent years, the idea of the metaverse has seized the attention of tech enthusiasts and educators, captivating their imagination with its potential to...

How B Tech CSE Students are Revolutionising AR/VR Experiences?

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR, once remarked, “Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are new mediums, and we're just scratching the surface of...

What Top Employers Expect from B Tech CSE DevOps Graduates

DevOps plays a crucial role in today’s fast-paced growing world of technology. There has been a growing demand for individuals skilled in both software...

AI Programme Attracts Talented Young Minds to Campus

The Yogananda School of AI, Computers, and Data Science at Shoolini University, in partnership with the ACM Student Chapter, organised a 7-day intensive programme...

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