What can you do with a Biotech Degree? 

Picture yourself in a laboratory, dressed in a white lab coat and safety glasses, working on developing a life-saving drug. Peering through the microscope,...

Meet Prof Saurabh: Shaping Global Scientists

Meet Saurabh Kulshrestha, the Dean for Research and Development at Shoolini University, and a renowned Biotechnology professor. Hailing from Roorkee in Uttarakhand, his subject...

Meet the Next-Gen Biotechnologists: Ready to Conquer the World

In a world full of dreams and determination, four exceptional individuals emerge… ready to script their success stories. Meet Shubhang Jha, Aditya Misra, Aakash...

Shoolini Star Heads to ESSEC Business School in France

Ananya Manishi, a brilliant Biotechnology student from Shoolini University, has achieved a remarkable milestone in her academic journey. She has been accepted into the...

BSc Biotechnology: Scope & Career Opportunities in India

Biotechnology profoundly affects our lives, from developing new drugs and treatments to using genetically modified crops. This incredible field of science has revolutionised how...

A Career in Nanotechnology – Courses, Admissions, Job

Nanotechnology is the art of tinkering with the very, very small. It's like playing with Lego bricks on a microscopic level, where the building...

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