Shoolini Star Heads to ESSEC Business School in France

Ananya Manishi, a brilliant Biotechnology student from Shoolini University, has achieved a remarkable milestone in her academic journey. She has been accepted into the...

BSc Biotechnology: Scope & Career Opportunities in India

Biotechnology profoundly affects our lives, from developing new drugs and treatments to using genetically modified crops. This incredible field of science has revolutionised how...

A Career in Nanotechnology – Courses, Admissions, Job

Nanotechnology is the art of tinkering with the very, very small. It's like playing with Lego bricks on a microscopic level, where the building...

Which Degree is Better: BSc in Biotech or BSc in Microbiology?

Applied Sciences has opened numerous research opportunities for students. Now, scholars have a plethora of options when choosing a BSc Program. BSc in Biotech...

Biotechnology: A Popular Career Choice

Biotechnology has been one of the most popular graduate programs in recent times. Biotechnology refers to controlled change or manipulation of biological systems so...

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