BCom (Hons) 3/4 Years

Bachelor of Commerce or BCom (Hons) is an undergraduate degree program at Shoolini University that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of business and commerce. 

Being one of the best BCom Hons colleges in India, Shoolini exposes students to complex theories, analytical frameworks, and practical applications in these subjects. They develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, as well as enhance their quantitative and qualitative analysis abilities.

The scope of a BCom (Honours) degree is vast in the business world, creating diverse career opportunities in finance, consulting, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more. It also serves as a stepping stone for those considering further academic pursuits such as a Master's or PhD in a related field.

The internationally acclaimed faculty at Shoolini University comes from leading Indian and global universities such as Oxford, NIH, and NCI. Many faculty members have received grants from national and international funding agencies.

The university collaborates with renowned universities worldwide for student exchange programs, faculty exchange, and more. Prominent among these are the University of Arkansas, USA; Lanzhou University, China; University of Naples, Italy; Taipei Medical University, Taiwan; Gachon University, South Korea; South Dakota Mines University, USA.

So, get admission in BCom Honours degree program at Shoolini University, which is UGC Approved and NAAC Accredited.


ACCA Certification 

At Shoolini, students can opt for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA-UK) certification while pursuing their BCom (Hons) degree. Only two universities provide this certification in North India, and Shoolini is one of them. With Shoolini’s BCom (Hons) degree and ACCA, you are equipped with an international certification and an industry-ready degree. This will give you a competitive edge and professional confidence to make your mark in the global arena.


  • Students get the opportunity to avail ACCA (UK) Certification by clearing only 7 out of 13 papers.
  • Out of these 13 papers, 6 have been exempted as students will be studying for them while doing their BCom (Hons) degree at Shoolini. For the remaining 7 papers, every student will be trained, in-house.
  • ACCA certification raises your career prospects manifold. Every student can get employment at a minimum of Rs 6 lakh per annum.
  • The success rate of ACCA exams is 80% and that of CA is 8%.
  • Students can also avail an International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Certification worth 21,000 free of cost.
  • The cost of the entire ACCA programme for three years is Rs 40,000 (highly subsidised). 


Research Opportunities

Marketing | Finance | Human Resource Management | Economics


BCom (Hons) 3/4 Years Career Opportunities

  • Cost Accountant
  • Tax Consultant
  • Sales Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Stock Broker
  • Financial Analyst




B Com - 4 Years
Semester I Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Business Organisation and Management 3 Core
2 Legal aspects of business (Business Law) 3 Core
3 English Writing Seminar 001 1 Life Skills
4 Aptitude Development 001 1 Life Skills
5 SPRINT 001 1 Life Skills
6 Living in the Digital Age 3 Core
7 Micro Economics 4 Core
8 Financial Accounting 4 Core
  Total 20  
Semester II Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
1 Introduction to IT Tools 3 Foundation
2 Macro Economics 3 Core
3 Cost Accounting 4 Core
4 Basic Statistics 3 Foundation
5 Foundations of Data Science 2 Foundation
6 Aptitude Development 002 1 Life Skills
7 English Writing Seminar 002 1 Life Skills
8 SPRINT 002 1 Life Skills
9 Soft Skill Development 2 Life Skills
  Total 20  
Exit with a Certificate after completing 40 credits
  Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
Semester III 1 Corporate Accounting 4 Core
2 Entrepreneurship  3 Core
3 Financial Management  4 Core
4 English Grammar for Employability 1 Minor
5 Minor-I 4 Minor
6 Minor-II 4 Minor
7 Aptitude Development 003 1 Life Skills
8 English Writing Seminar 003 1 Life Skills
9 SPRINT 003 1 Life Skills
  Total 23  
  Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
Semester IV 1 Indian Economy 3 Core
2 Computerized Accounting System 4 Foundation
3 Corporate Auditing 2 Core
4 Income Tax Law Practices 3 Core
5 Management Accounting 4 Core
6 Aptitude Development 004 1 Life Skills
7 English Writing Seminar 004 1 Life Skills
8 SPRINT 004 1 Life Skills
9 MINOR-III 4 Minor
10 MINOR-IV 4 Minor
  Total 27  
Exit with a Diploma after completing 85 credits
  Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
Semester V 1 Data Analysis and Visualisation 4 Core
2 International financial Reporting Standards  (IFRS) 4 Core
3 English Grammar for Employability 1 Core 
4 Minor-V 4 Minor
5 Aptitude Development 005 1 Life Skills
6 English Writing Seminar 005 1 Life Skills
7 SPRINT 005 1 Life Skills
  One of the below specilizations    
8 International Economics(Eco) 4 Core Eletive
9 Stock Marketing and Investing(F) 4 Core Eletive
  Total 20  
  Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
Semester VI 1 Integrated Marketing Communications(IMC) 3 Core 
2 Research Project 6 Core 
3 MINOR-VI 4 Minor
4 Aptitude Development 006 1 Life Skills
5 English Writing Seminar 006 1 Life Skills
6 SPRINT 006 1 Life Skills
  One out of  the two:    
7 Introduction to Fintech(F) 4 Core Elective
8 Developmental Economics(Eco) 4 Core Elective
  Total 20  
Exit with 3-year degree after completing 127 credits
  Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
Semester VII 1 Minor-VII / Any Online Course 4 Minor
2 Sprint- 007/ Online option 2 Life Skills
3 Apprenticeship/ Research work 10 Life Skills
  Total 16  
Exit with 3-year degree after completing 127 credits
  Sr. No. Course Name Credits Course Type
Semester VIII 1 Minor-VIII/ Any Online Course 4 Minor
2 Sprint-008/ Community Research Project 2 Life Skills
3 Research Paper  3 Life Skills
4 Patent/ Design/ Copyright 2 Life Skills
5 Research Dissertation 10 Life Skills
    Total 21  
Credits required for completing Minor in Finance/Economics : 8
Total Program Credits: 20+20+23+27+20+20+16+21=167
Research Degree with Hons : Total Credits: 167

Atul Khosla
Atul KhoslaProfessor
Munish Sahrawat
Munish SahrawatProfessor
Mukesh Goswami
Mukesh GoswamiProfessor
Kesari Singh
Kesari SinghProfessor
Pooja Verma
Pooja VermaAssociate Professor
Amar Rao
Amar RaoAssociate Professor
Varsha Patil
Varsha PatilAssistant Professor
Kamal Kant Vashisth
Kamal Kant VashisthAssociate Professor
Ankit Shukla
Ankit ShuklaAssistant Professor
Vijay Kumar
Vijay KumarAssistant Professor
Rozy Dhanta
Rozy DhantaAssistant Professor
Vividha Gurung
Vividha GurungAssistant Professor
Neeraj Chaudhry
Neeraj ChaudhryProfessor
Sanjeev Kumar Singh
Sanjeev Kumar SinghAssociate Professor
Pardeep Sharma
Pardeep SharmaProfessor
Vinay Negi
Vinay NegiAssistant Professor
Ashoo Khosla
Ashoo KhoslaAssociate Professor
Mridul Sharma, BCom (Hons)​

Mridul Sharma, BCom (Hons)​

Our illustrious professors made the learning engaging and meaningful, making it an incredible experience. The specially designed curriculum gave us strong command over both theoretical and practical knowledge through case studies and internships. The vibrant campus added value to my college life. ​

Frequently Asked Questions

Highly knowledgeable and well-experienced teachers led by the dean of the School of Business Management, Dr Kuldeep C Rojhe, teach BCom (Hons) at Shoolini University. Their academic contributions include global accolades, scientific publications, consultancy projects, reviews, and book chapters. Top industry leaders interact with students.

What to do after BCom Hons from Shoolini University?

Shoolini University graduates have a rewarding career after BCom Hons. They can pursue careers in finance, accounting, and banking as financial analysts, accountants, auditors, investment bankers, or financial planners. They can also explore options in management consulting, business development, marketing, or human resources. Further education like an MBA or PhD from Shoolini University.

Our university arranges industrial visits for exposure to real-life working scenarios. They gain advanced and industry-relevant skills that help them further their career goals.

Yes, the faculty members at Shoolini offer practical instructions with real-world examples, field visits, workshops, and more. Students get personal mentorship to conduct management research through online resources, survey tools, etc. Top industry honchos also visit the campus for guest lectures.

The Placement Cell at Shoolini University provides 100% placement support to students. They are hired by reputed companies like Decathlon, ICICI Prudential, Microtek, Hilti, Byju’s, Genpact, and more. Students are also provided paid internships in leading companies.

Yes, Shoolini has a sparkling network with alumni spread worldwide. The alumni extend continuous support to the Business School for the skill development of students, as well as providing opportunities in summer & final placements. They also offer industry-based inputs in curriculum development. The alumni organise periodic collaborative activities, get-togethers, and extend continuous support to each other. To know more, you can browse: https://alumni.shooliniuniversity.com/

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Course Details

  • Eligibility: 10+2 (in any stream) with minimum 50% marks

  • Admission Criteria: CUET/ SAT or Shoolini University's multiple choice entrance test (SU-SAT)

  • Duration: 3/4 years

  • Semester Fee

    Himachal Pradesh Domicile : 55000
    Others : 65000