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PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry


  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Admission Criteria:

Eligibility :

  • Duration : 3 Years
  • Admission Criteria :

PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Shoolini University is designed to advance knowledge and research in the chemical aspects of pharmaceutical science. This program caters to aspiring scientists who wish to delve deep into the synthesis, design, and development of pharmaceutical agents.  

Through a curriculum that blends advanced chemical studies with pharmacological applications, students are equipped to undertake innovative research that contributes to drug discovery and development. The program emphasises rigorous training in experimental techniques, data analysis, and critical evaluation of research findings. Students benefit from access to 104+ state-of-the-art laboratories and 11 Centres of Excellence. This doctoral program prepares graduates for significant roles in research institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, and academia, fostering advancements that impact global health and wellness. 

Experienced faculty members from renowned institutions like NCI, USA, NIH, USA, IISc and Oxford teach this program at Shoolini University. 

Shoolini University gives its students global exposure through collaborations with leading international institutions to enhance their learning experience. Shoolini has over 250 collaborations with top universities like Lanzhou University, China; Gachon University, Korea; University of Naples, Italy; University of Arkansas, USA; University of Maryland, USA. 

Shoolini University is UGC Approved and NAAC Accredited

Top 2% Faculty

13 Shoolini scientists are on Stanford University's list of the top 2% of scientists globally.

Collaboration with HUC

The partnership with the Himalayan University Consortium to promote research by using Himalayan Flora for Drug Discovery.

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