Arun Parashar teaches anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. He qualified GATE (2009) and received PhD (2019) in Neuropharmacology from Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan (HP) India. The departmental incharge of the eUNIV platform, he also holds over four years of teaching experience. His academic contributions include several international scientific papers, reviews, published by Elsevier, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley as well as conference papers, with 350 citations, 7 h-index, and 6 i10-index. 

At present, Arun Parashar is working on understanding the neurological basis of endocrinal disorders and the effect of gut microbiota on neurological disorders. He is closely engaged in the field of deciphering the underlying mechanisms of neurological complications like anxiety, stress, depression, cognitive decline, learning and memory deficit, etc., and how phytochemical intervention can be beneficial.