Nishtha Singh

Assistant Professor


Nishtha Singh is an Assistant Professor at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Shoolini University. She earned her Master's degree in Pharmacology from Punjab Technical University.

Her research focus for PhD centres around Addiction and Alzheimer's disease, where she has authored numerous research papers in the field of pharmacology. Asst Prof Singh is deeply dedicated to sharing knowledge, evident through her passion for education and extensive practical experience in pharmaceutical sciences.

With over eight years of academic experience, Asst Prof Singh has proven herself a valuable asset in the world of pharmaceutical research. Her significant contributions to understanding Addiction and Alzheimer's disease showcase her commitment to advancing medical science. Driven by a profound passion for improving human health, she has dedicated her career to making a positive impact in the pharmaceutical industry.

Apart from her teaching and research roles, Asst Prof Singh actively engages in the academic community by attending conferences, symposiums, and workshops in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. Her commitment to staying updated on the latest developments reflects her dedication to continuous learning and contributing to the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge.

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