Why Is Engineering a High-Paying Profession?

Even as career priorities change with time, one thing has remained constant. Engineers still rank among highly paid professionals. This is relevant for new entrants to the field and also for those who are in the mid and later stages of their careers. The reason for this are multifarious& but the primary one is the choice of the university from which the degree has been pursued. The technical skills that a person gains during the program also place them in a higher salary bracket in comparison to other traditional career options.

Data from different sources like CNBC and Fox Business over the past few years indicate that an average Engineers salary in 2015 was in the range of $56,516 or Rs 42,20,378. Now, it has risen to $68,797 or Rs 55,03,450 per annum. Students who complete their education from a top Engineering institution can expect to rise to such prominent positions as they get ample opportunities to pursue their academic and professional careers, both in India and worldwide.

There are multiple reasons for engineering being a highly paid profession. Let us explore some key factors.

Rule of supply versus demand

Technology has made inroads into different fields of life in the past few years. From small startups to leading technology firms, the demand for trained engineering is on the rise. This creates competition in the market and makes it a level-playing field where competent professionals are paid according to their abilities.

The number of engineering graduates passing from leading Engineering institutions is limited, which has created a need for trained professionals in the market and the best of the lot benefits from this supply and demand curve.

Responsible position

Leading technology firms often look for highly skilled staff. Technology is the core of the business for such firms. Companies end up losing a worthy amount for small technical hiccups. A company like Amazon ends up losing $1.6 billion in sales if systems are down for a second. To cope with such downfalls, big companies need trained and skilled Engineers. Thus, highly skilled Engineers are in great demand.

Adaptability and upgradation

This profession demands continuous upgradation of skills. The evolution of the cellphone has given rise to numerous mobile apps. A few years ago, such technology was unheard of. There is constant evolution in mobile technology on every front. To deal with such a scenario, a high skill set is the need of the hour. This also makes engineering a highly paid profession as competent professionals are always in demand.

Why choose Shoolini to pursue a career in Engg?

The choice of university plays a significant role when a career is at stake. An Engineering degree is worth its value only when it is completed at an institution of repute. Among the top-notch institutions offering quality education in the field of Engineering, Shoolini University in Himachal Pradesh is a class apart. The university has a Diamond Rating in the QS I-GAUGE rankings for 2021, making it a preferred choice. Shoolini University has highly acclaimed faculty that has national and international exposure. It has also been ranked 125th in India in Engineering in the NIRF 2022 rankings.

There are 2 different schools under Shoolini’s Engineering Department:

The university has an active placement cell that ensures the placement of students in leading companies. With more than 250+ collaborations with leading foreign universities, international exchange opportunities are available in plenty at Shoolini University. This gives students the option to pursue degrees in a globally competitive environment.

The university has a keen focus on research and innovation and students are encouraged to file patents. The One Student One Patent Policy makes it a preferred destination to pursue an engineering degree. More than 170 patents have been filed to date.

The Engineering faculty is highly qualified and has years of experience in leading institutions and industries. One of its faculty members, Prof Dr SS Chandel is among the top 2% of researchers in the Energy sector, according to Stanford University World Ranking of Scientists. The faculty comes from institutions like IITs, NITs and Oxford.

Top engineering courses at Shoolini University

BTech CSE Artificial Intelligence

The new age and NEP integrated Engineering courses at Shoolini University are highly acclaimed. BTech CSE Artificial Intelligence is one such course at the Yogananda School of AI, Computers and Data Science. Machine Learning and Deep Learning are some of the subsets of this course.

Admission to this 4-year engineering program is based on CUCET/NEET and JEE scores. Students who qualify for Shoolini Universitys multiple choice entrance are also eligible for a Bachelor of Technology.

This degree program offers specialisation in Python and students develop their research skills in areas like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and AI-based Health Systems during this degree program. Application-oriented and student-centric learning are some of the key additives of this highly acclaimed Engineering program at Shoolini University.

BTech CSE Data Science

Those who have an interest in statistics, data mining, data visualisation, etc., can opt for BTech CSE Data Science. Identifying hidden patterns in data, correlating them and deriving worthy insights from them also make this course interesting for someone who likes playing with numbers.

At Shoolini University, specialisations are available in Database Administration and Analytics for those who enrol for BTech CSE Data Science. Research options in areas like privacy issues in big data, security and tools for Big Data Processing also make this degree program at Shoolini University insightful and a worthy career option to pursue.

BTech CSE Cyber Security

The specialised modules at Shoolini University in Cyber Security prepare students for the latest trends in the industry. The department has a self-developed network where students get to work on live projects. By the time they pass out of the degree program, students have ample theoretical and practical knowledge which makes them competent professionals who are in high demand.

The research areas in this field at Shoolini University include virtualisation, Malware Analysis etc which help the students in sharpening their industry skills.

BTech is also offered in other niche categories of Engineering like Civil, Automobile Engineering, Bioinformatics, Cloud Computing, Computer Science, Nanotechnology, etc.

Highly paid career options

A Bachelor of Technology from Shoolini University can also enrol for a certificate in Amazon Web Services (AWS) academy which prepares them to be leaders in their field. This also opens the gateway for them to be part of the developing cloud computing space.

With career options like Security Analyst, Security Engineer, Software Developer, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer and Software Engineer opening up, a trained engineer from Yogananda School of AI, Computers and Data Science at Shoolini University stands out in the competition.

MTech and PhD Options at Shoolini University

Besides a host of other BTech options at Shoolini, the institution also offers a range of postgraduate programs at the Master’s Level. These also include MTech in Civil Engineering and also a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

MTech Civil Engineering

Creativity is best displayed in the instinct that Engineering can put forward. The design, construction, and maintenance of different civil projects are a key indicator that highlights this instinct. Efforts are made to highlight this aspect and students are motivated to file their patents during MTech Civil Engineering at Shoolini University.

With 250+ international exchange options and specialisations available in areas like highways, water resources, geo-technology, and construction, students of MTech Civil Engineering get ample hands-on experience that prepares them for challenging and leading roles in their future careers. A host of career options open up in teaching, research and design when students complete their MTech Civil Engineering from Shoolini University.

MTech is also offered in other categories of Engineering like CSE, ECE, and Energy Technology.

PhD options at Shoolini University

Among a range of other PhD Engineering options, PhD Mechanical Engineering at Shoolini University is highly acclaimed. This three-year program has been framed as per the guidelines of the National Education Policy (NEP 2020). Different niche research aspects in Mechanical Engineering including nanotechnology, finite element analysis, biomechanics and microelectromechanical systems are also covered in PhD Mechanical Engineering.

PhD is also offered in other categories of Engineering like AI, Big Data, Civil Engineering, Cloud Computing Tech, CSE, Data Analytics, Data Science, ECE, etc.

The faculty at Shoolini University is highly qualified and experienced and with QS IGAUGE E-LEAD Certification in place, the University is one of the best options for pursuing a promising career in Engineering.

Positions like Lead Engineer, Professor, Researcher, Executive Engineer, and Research and Development Manager also open up when a student completes a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from Shoolini University.


Pursuing a degree in Engineering from a leading institution has its key advantages. Such institutions have the cutting-edge infrastructure and industry-integrated curricula (a key factor for being placed in top-notch companies). Such institutions collaborate with knowledge partners in the industry and have worthy industry tie-ups. Added focus on extracurricular activities is also laid and excellent student support is offered. Moreover, career guidance and quality placement support are offered.

In a nutshell, all these factors are responsible for a student being placed at a highly competitive salary slab. Shoolini University in Himachal Pradesh offers all these in ample and with this university being ranked among the top 200 Universities globally, it is a natural choice for pursuing a fulfilling career in Engineering. Apply for any one of our Engineering Programs today!

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