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Ahmad Waleed Salehi, an exchange student from Afghanistan, is making the most of his stay on the campus by spending quality time in the Yogananda library.

A student of Computer Science in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, he has the distinction of spending the most time in the library during the month of November among all students.

Magic of books - Ahmad Waleed Salehi, M.Tech student in Computer Science and Technology, Shoolini University
Ahmad Waleed Salehi, Library Student of the Month

Salehi said it was his dream to study abroad, especially in India, and it got fulfilled when he came to Shoolini as an Exchange student. He is so impressed with the University and the campus that he has decided to enrol for his Masters degree after completion of his 6 months exchange programme.

When asked about his early days here, he said on the first day he felt money and wanted to get back to Afghanistan. Over the days he made several friends and found the people very warm and friendly and now he doesn’t want to leave!

Reading books is his favourite hobby as he loves spending time with books and says the magic of books draws him to the library. His other hobbies are playing football, badminton, pool and swimming. On being asked about his favourite books he replied that his favourite book is ‘The Magic of Big Thinking‘. He said, ”It is the best book I have ever read in my life and I would suggest every student to study this book”.

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