Purnima Bali

Associate Professor

PhD (HPU), Accolades: (‘Young Faculty Award 2016’, ‘Bright Educator Award-2017’, and ‘Bright Educator Award 2018)

Purnima Bali is an Associate Professor and Head of the Chitrakoot School of Liberal Arts at Shoolini University. With a PhD in English Literature from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla (HP), India, awarded in 2017, Assoc Prof Bali brings a wealth of academic expertise to her role.

Assoc Prof Bali has over twelve years of teaching experience. Her academic contributions comprise numerous international research papers, reviews, book chapters, and edited books published by renowned journals and publishing houses. Her dedication to scholarly endeavours has earned her recognition, including the prestigious ‘Young Faculty Award 2016’, ‘Bright Educator Award-2017’, and ‘Bright Educator Award 2018’, acknowledging her significant contributions to the realms of education and research.

Assoc Prof Bali's research areas encompass World Literature, Indian Writing in English, and Literary theories. Her deep understanding and exploration of these subjects contribute significantly to the academic discourse, enriching the scholarly community with new insights and perspectives.

In addition to her scholarly pursuits, Assoc Prof Bali is also a creative writer. Her poetry collection in the Hindi language was recently published in 2023, showcasing her talent and versatility beyond the academic sphere.

Assoc Prof Purnima Bali's dedication to education, research, and creative expression makes her a valuable asset to the faculty at Shoolini University. Her commitment to excellence and passion for her field serve as inspiration to both students and colleagues alike.

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