BA (Hons) Economics and Finance

BA (Hons) Economics and Finance is a popular degree featuring a broad range of internationally recognised and research-led teaching in Finance, Economics, and Law. 

At Shoolini University, this program will train students in the workings of various economic and financial systems. Students will gain deep insights about economic theories, production of financial and non-financial resources, efficient distribution, conservation and systematic assigning of resources aligned with the socio-economic policies of a country. The program will equip students to build and develop a society, a nation, or an organisation. It includes a vast variety of topics in international finance and open-economy macroeconomics. Focus is on understanding the intuition behind the theories, not on mathematical proofs. The course will also make complex ideas as accessible as possible.

The demand for Economics and Finance professionals has greatly increased over the past few years due to the internationalization of global financial markets and a variety of corporate, academic, and research opportunities. An Economics and Finance program offers multiple career options in banking, private equity, venture capital, fundraising, and finance. After certain years of experience and a master's degree, there is a potential to earn high salaries and travel abroad.

Top companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst and Young, American Express, Citi Bank, Accenture, etc., hire fresher candidates with an economics background. Students can also enter multilateral agencies like UN, UNCDF, large funds, government policy wings, think tanks, and more.

Career Opportunities

  • Financial Analysts
  • Economists
  • Investment Banker
  • Risk Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Finance and Economics Researchers

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Course Information

10+2 (in any stream) with minimum 55% marks

Admission Criteria
SAT or Shoolini University's multiple choice entrance test

4 years

Semester Fee
₹ 75000
* One-time refundable security fee of Rs. 10,000

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