Vipin Pubby


Former Editor (The Indian Express)

Vipin Pubby, a veteran journalist and political analyst, boasts a remarkable career spanning over four decades. He is renowned for his 18-year tenure as Editor for various editions of The Indian Express, particularly his 14-year leadership of the Chandigarh edition. His experience includes editorial roles in Jammu & Kashmir and Gujarat, enhancing his understanding of India's diverse regions.

Pubby's literary achievements include the highly acclaimed ‘Shimla: Then & Now’, offering a distinctive Indian perspective on Shimla's history. The book's success is evident in its complete sell-out across both editions. His contributions to literature also encompass chapters in several books and anthologies.

His analytical prowess extends to frequent contributions in leading publications like The Hindu, Deccan Herald, IndiaLegal, Hind Samachar Group of Newspapers, Lokmarg, and on notable websites such as DailyO, Scroll, and The Quint. His insightful commentaries on current affairs distinguish him in the field.

As an educator, Vipin Pubby shares his extensive knowledge with journalism students through guest lectures at various universities and colleges, nurturing future media professionals.

An avid traveller, Pubby's journeys span the globe, including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, South East Africa, and Africa. These travels, often combined with conference attendances and lectures, enrich his global perspective.

Vipin Pubby's combination of journalistic expertise, literary contributions, and engaging teaching approach make him an invaluable member of our academic community.

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