Faculty of Yogananda School of AI, Computer and Data Sciences

The cutting-edge programmes at Shoolioni University, ranked among the best in the world, are a doorway to the digital arena. Prestigious world ranking agency QS I-Gauge has awarded a ‘Diamond Rating’ to Shoolini’s Engineering programmes, making them much sought after in the professional arena.

Today, Artificial Intelligence, Computers and Data Science not only rule the business world but are a lucrative career option as well. This has revolutionised the way business models were built and run. Here, students learn how to design, create and implement AI and Data Science-based software solutions. They explore concepts such as AI, Data analytics, Data visualisation, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, semantic web and social network analytics, Block chain Technologies, and Data Security and Privacy.

Shoolini University has a valuable collaboration with IBM for access to the latest technology platforms and for students to earn Certifications in a total of 180 professional modules. These cover all the core specialisations. Global giants like Microsoft and AWS Academy also support Shoolini's engineering curriculum with course-material, access to technology platforms and certifications.

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