Welcoming new students with our induction program known as WOW Week.

Shoolini University, recognised for its dynamic blend of tradition, innovation, and academic excellence, recently welcomed new Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) students with an elaborate induction program known as the WOW Week or the Week of Welcome. The event symbolised a lively beginning to the academic journey, with activities designed to instil passion, creativity, and unity. From traditional ceremonies like Saraswati Vandana to interactive sessions, beach-themed fests, and mental health discussions, the week was filled with memorable moments. The Shoolini pledge or oath, taken by all students, reinforced their commitment to academic excellence and ethical and moral development, the essence of Shoolini values and ethos.

Tradition and Academic Excellence

Marking the beginning of the new phase, Poonam Nanda, the Dean of Student Welfare, hosted the event, commencing with the spiritual Saraswati Vandana. Vice Chancellor Prof Atul Khosla shared the Shoolini values and ethos, stressing “dreaming big, embracing diversity, and forging friendships beyond comfort zones”.

The university's commitment to placements was underlined by Avnee Khosla, Trustee and Director of Admissions, who assured 150% placement, including 50% top-tier jobs, boosting confidence among students.

Chief Learning Officer Ashoo Khosla complemented this visionary outlook with insights into the university's innovative approach to online learning platforms. She particularly emphasised the eUniv learning system, which allows students access to online study material, quizzes, and timetables. This continuous learning system not only helped the university adapt to the pandemic but also reduced the exam burden on students, reflecting Shoolini's commitment to technological advancement and creative education, she added.

These inspiring sessions nurtured confidence and excitement, highlighting global opportunities and emphasising dreaming beyond borders.

Goa-themed Club Mela and cultural activities

Shoolini Club Mela

The Goa-themed Club Mela transformed the mountainous landscape of Shoolini University into a vibrant beach celebration. With 30 clubs setting up stalls, the atmosphere was filled with energy, creativity, and opportunities for new students.

The students, faculty, and staff mingled as each club showcased its unique offerings, from arts and sciences to sports, technology, and community outreach. The Mela provided a platform for new students to discover their interests, connect with like-minded peers, and take the first step towards extracurricular engagement.

The Goa Fest was not just about enrolment; it was a cultural fiesta filled with dance, music, laughter, and enjoyment. Impromptu performances by newcomers and seasoned Shoolinians added a special touch to the evening, highlighting the diverse talents and passions within the university community.

The ‘Meet ‘n’ Greet’ evening at the Open Air Theatre added to the festive mood. Students were welcomed with dancing and singing performances, creating a lively and welcoming environment. The activities captured the spirit of Shoolini University, giving a glimpse of the vibrant student life.

Interactive learning with Quiz Session

One of the highlights of the WOW Week was the quiz session hosted by the Marketing team. Students eagerly participated in the Q&A round, responding to intriguing questions, each answer a chance to win and mark their presence. The high participation level showcased the students' enthusiasm and willingness to engage. Many walked away with rewards, ranging from tangible prizes to newfound confidence. The quiz was an exercise in critical thinking, collaboration, and fun, reflecting Shoolini's commitment to an educational experience beyond textbooks.

The excitement reached a new peak with a Zumba activity guided by renowned dancer Ashwin Pradhan. The students danced, laughed, and connected at the basketball court venue, establishing a foundation for growth, exploration, and enjoyment throughout their journey at Shoolini University.

Peek into campus wonders

The exciting campus tour took students around the interesting places and hidden gems of Shoolini University. These included the Shoolini Mata Temple, the Wisdom Tree, Open-Air Theatre, APJ Abdul Kalam Auditorium, Gyan Vridhi Park, Pine Court, Vrindavan Gardens, Yogananda Library, and the exciting campus trails for peaceful treks.

In addition to the entertainment, speakers addressed critical topics like road safety in hilly areas and mental health. They explored the power of thoughts, self-perception, and well-being for responsible and mindful living.

The Buddy System: A friendly welcome

Another standout feature of the induction week was the Buddy System. This initiative paired existing students with newcomers, establishing a support network from Day One. Far from a superficial welcome, these ‘Buddies’ took on roles as friends, listeners, and problem solvers. Their guidance and companionship helped new students acclimate to the campus environment, understand university norms, and build connections within the Shoolini community.

The induction program concluded on a high note — celebrating learning, growth, and community. Activities were carefully curated to mirror the holistic education philosophy of the university.


Bhavna Sharma

August 21, Solan