Vision & Mission

Our Vision 

“To be a top 200 University by 2022”

Our Mission

1. To bring deep “Research and iNNovation” to our students, faculty and community

2. To be “Honest and Compliant” in everything we do

3. To provide “World Class” education and learning to the lesser privileged

4. To bring “Happiness” into the life of Shoolinians and all we touch 

Shoolini’s Six Core Values

1. A perfect academic and research environment; a professional culture with no hierarchy in ideas; zero tolerance to politics; an obligation to dissent; Career progression based on professional merit and not tenure or sycophancy

2. Transparency and respect in our communications and dealings with our stakeholders

3. Honesty and integrity in everything we do

4. Quality in everything we do

5. Decisions based on long term value rather than short term gains

6. An environment of innovation and disruption; awards for risk takers and “out of box” thinking

We manage Shoolini around 9 broad initiatives

1. Research

• Peer reviewed Papers

• Commercial Patents

• Funded Projects

• Quality PhD’s

2. Teaching and learning

• Flexible learning

• Relevant curriculum

• 24X7 learning (eUniv)

• Outcome based

3. Skills and careers


• Writing seminars – read, reason, write

• Placement week, 100% placements

4. Infrastructure and technology

• 100% residential

• Seamless IT

• Video classrooms

• Green technologies

5. Faculty improvement 

• PhD focus, visitng faculty

• 4 tier system, Mentorship

6. Alliances & linkages

• International MoU’s

• Alliances with industry

7. Knowledge

• Digital library, knowledge portal, e-Studios

• Self learning lang. lab

• Guru series lectures

8. New Programs


• Law

• Agriculture

• Hotel Management, Journalism

9. Student life

• Students activities calendar

• Sports facilities

• Hobby clubs

• Hostels



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