The Five-Pillar Model 

Focus on Research and Innovation: We believe that a great university needs to be built around the foundation of deep research and innovation capabilities. Our research model is unique to private universities in India and we believe this will help us achieve our vision. 

Our Governance: Transparent and inspirational governance is critical to build a great university. Shoolini is founded and managed by academicians and we function as a true not-for-profit, in letter and spirit. Our Board and other statutory committees drive the mission and vision of Shoolini. 

Our focus on Innovative Pedagogy: Over the years, we have initiated several innovative and flexible pedagogy platforms to provide the best learning experience to our students. These include, SPRINT, eUniv, writing seminars, Open Electives, Guru Series, etc. 

Inspirational Faculty: Great teachers produce great students. With this belief, we have always strived to hire qualified and exceptional faculty. Many of our faculty members are trained at the best universities of the world, including Oxford, UC Berkeley, IITs and IIMs. 

Motivated Students: We focus on accepting distinctive students from smaller towns and villages.

Our Mission 

Shoolini University’s Mission is to be a Role Model for Private University Education in India. We believe our success will make other Private Universities follow our path and make quality university education more accessible.

World-class Education: It is our mission to provide world-class yet affordable education to the masses of India, especially the lesser-privileged students from small towns and villages. To fulfill this mission, we have built deep operating and capital efficiencies at affordable fees, have built an endowment fund for scholarships to the lesser privileged, and have brought innovation, skill-based learning and technology into our pedagogy. Our mission is to produce students who are highly motivated, good human beings, technically sound, skilled and employable, and also nation builders. 

Honest, Clean and Compliant: It is our endeavour to be honest in everything we do. As a not-for-profit university, we operate with the highest standards of governance and the belief that great institutions of the future will be built on the Gandhian traits of honesty and integrity.

Community impact through Research and Innovation: We believe that universities should have a deep impact on the community through research and innovation. Globally, this is proven model with communities such as the Silicon Valley, supported by institutions such as Stanford and UC-Berkeley. Our researchers work closely with our local community on several critical issues such as cancer, water, food and technology to help change the lives of people in our community.

Happiness: We aspire to provide happiness and spirituality to all our stakeholders – students, faculty, staff and others. We operate like a family, trying to bring happiness into the lives of everyone we touch. Our belief is simple – happy people are successful and contribute towards nation building. know more

Institutional Strengths

Institutional Vision: Shoolini has a big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) to be a Top 200 Global University by 2022. Our hunger to achieve this vision is perhaps our biggest strength. This vision is supported by our exceptional management team comprising alumni from Oxford, IIT, IIM, ISB, Delhi University and the McKinsey.

Research and Development: Another Shoolini key strength is our determination to excel in academic and citational research. Shoolini University is acknowledged as a role model among private universities in research and development. For this, a four-tier system for faculty development (retired Professors, Postdocs from abroad, brilliant PhDs, and topper postgraduates) aided Shoolini’s citational research and academic accolades. More than 1500+ patents and an h-index of 100 make it distinct among its competitors.

Himalayan Sustainability:Nestled in the Himalayas, Shoolini has developed intrinsic strengths for joint research on sustainability in the Himalayan region with international counterparts. The ICIMOD, Kathmandu, included Shoolini among the reputed Consortium of Himalayan Universities (HUC). We have also partnered with another 100+ global universities on related research areas.

Outstanding Infrastructure: We have one of the best landscaped campuses, located in the midst of salubrious pine forests. Our library is housed in an iconic building that has received a Belgian Architectural Award and figured on the cover page of an international magazine. Facilities like an Indoor Stadium, Yogananda Ville, forest huts and Cineplex are unique to our campus.

Innovations - SPRINT and Yogananda Knowledge Centre: The SPRINT (Skills Progression through Rapid Intensive and Innovative Training) programme, inspired by Stanford's mini-MBA program, has been designed to upgrade the skills and capabilities of students. This programme provides accelerated learning to youth, including soft and technical skills, using an interactive approach.

Online Learning: The digital infrastructure at Shoolini University is powered by an ‘in-house’ software ‘AADDOO’, certified by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), along with Siqandar, shortlisted for award by THE for performance in placements. This provided the university an edge in online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students Reinvent Life with Coaching Program: The V-Empower Coaching Program is a committed and dedicated support system designed to help students reinvent their life and make their visions a reality. This unique initiative in the country provides students with the opportunity to enhance their leadership capacity.  

Students embark on a journey of self-discovery with the help of the 100+ ICF Coaches, who provide a safe and confidential one-on-one space to reveal their strengths and joys to meet their desired goals in life. V-Empower doesn't train them for battles; rather, it aids them in preparing for those battles themselves with proper support. A platform that provides students with a window to address their personal and professional development in a way that promotes positive inner transformation and helps them progress in life to attain greater fulfilment.

Shoolini’s Six Core Values

1. A perfect academic and research environment; a professional culture with no hierarchy in ideas; zero tolerance to politics; an obligation to dissent; Career progression based on professional merit and not tenure or sycophancy

2. Transparency and respect in our communications and dealings with our stakeholders

3. Honesty and integrity in everything we do

4. Quality in everything we do

5. Decisions based on long term value rather than short term gains

6. An environment of innovation and disruption; awards for risk takers and “out of box” thinking

We manage Shoolini around 9 broad initiatives

1. Research

• Peer reviewed Papers

• Commercial Patents

• Funded Projects

• Quality PhD’s

2. Teaching and learning

• Flexible learning

• Relevant curriculum

• 24X7 learning (eUniv)

• Outcome based

3. Skills and careers


• Writing seminars – read, reason, write

• Placement week, 100% placements

4. Infrastructure and technology

• 100% residential

• Seamless IT

• Video classrooms

• Green technologies

5. Faculty improvement 

• PhD focus, visiting faculty

• 4 tier system, Mentorship

6. Alliances & linkages

• International MoU’s

• Alliances with industry

7. Knowledge

• Digital library, knowledge portal, e-Studios

• Self learning language. lab

• Guru series lectures

8. New Programs


• Law

• Agriculture

• Hotel Management, Journalism

9. Student life

• Students activities calendar

• Sports facilities

• Hobby clubs

• Hostels




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