In view of the extensive research focus at Shoolini University, we are is pleased to announce various scholarships for PhD students of the academic year 2023-24. These scholarships are designed in a manner to involve and benefit the maximum number of students during their PhD Program at Shoolini University.

1. Junior Research Fellow: Only 20 in number  


  • Rs. 31,000 per month for three years only
  • The tuition fee towards the PhD program will be waived off full for three years. 

Multiple scholarships are available through extra-mural projects or through university funds for PhD students who have demonstrated research potential in the past. Tuition fee towards the PhD program will be waived off full for three years.

Minimum eligibility criteria for JRF Scholarship

  • Candidates who have qualified CSIR-UGC JRF / GATE / GPAT exam, and or
  • Two Research/ Review papers (Accepted / Published) (Scopus indexed only), and or
  • Three Patents (filed or Published), and or
  • Recommended by a top academician

Desirable qualifications

  • Good communication/presentation skills.
  • Good paper writing skills.

Term and conditions

  • Shoolini's Junior Research fellows will be expected to produce three research/review papers every year with a minimum impact factor of two (these papers will be beyond their PhD requirements). Non-fulfillment may lead to the discontinuation of fellowship.
  • To make the research endeavours successful and world-class, students will be ‘Research Scholars in Residence’ and must stay in university residential premises. The cost of residence will be paid by the research scholar.

2. Chancellor’s Fully Funded Research Fellows:  Only 10 in number

Benefit: 100% tuition fee waiver for three years only 

This is an open competitive scholarship to any external/internal student selected for a PhD program of the University. The Chancellor’s fellows will be selected by a committee, chaired by the Chancellor. The selected candidates will get fully funded PhD program for three years only. Chancellor’s Research Fellows are required to publish a minimum of two research papers every year, with a minimum impact factor of two (beyond their PhD requirements).

3. Existing Shoolini students/Alumni: Only 10 in number

Benefit: 100% waiver for second semester tuition fee

Selection into Shoolini University’s PhD programs and scholarships will be based on a written test and interview. Students will apply through the standard application process. To avail SAPS, all the eligible students will have to appear before a committee for an interview and/ or a written exam. The dates and results of these interviews will be communicated by mid June 2021. The students will be required to publish papers as per their PhD requirements. They will also be required to pay the PhD Program fee as per the rules of the University.

4. Publication Incentives: Students (not applicable for existing Professors/ Research Fellows of Shoolini University) admitted in PhD program can avail coupons for their research publications as per below. These coupons can be availed after publishing research/ review papers in Scopus-listed journals only.

For all papers published during their PhD thesis:

3 to 5 10,000
5.1 and above 20,000
Published in ‘Nature’ (applicable to all PhD students) 500,000

Students publishing more than three papers as part of their PhD are eligible for additional coupons as per the following criteria:

4th (minimum impact factor of 2) 5,000/-
5th & above (minimum impact factor of 2) 7,500/-


Important Notes:

  • PhD candidates must pay the fee as per rules specified by the University from time to time.
  • PhD candidates can avail only one of the above (from point no. 1 to point no. 3) benefits/scholarships during the first three years of the PhD program.
  • Specifically, for point no. 4, one research paper will only be counted once and for one student. The student will need to provide a verification note from their PhD supervisor.
  • In papers with more than one author, the award money will be split equally between all the student authors.
  • As per rule, PhD students will not pay the fee for the 7th and 8th semesters, but thereafter fee will be charged for the balance of the semesters.
  • The above circular is applicable for the year 2021 and the academic council reserves the right to modify this without any notice.