Shoolini University Fee Structure

Fee Structure for Academic Year 2021 - 22*

Programme Semester Fee
B Com (Hons)           43,100
B Pharmacy (Seats Full)           58,883
B Pharmacy (Summit Research Program) (Seats Full)           58,883
B Pharmacy LEET (Seats Full)           58,883
B Tech Advanced Manufacturing           88,375
B Tech Artificial Intelligence (Summit Research Program) (Few Seats Left)         126,250
B Tech Automobile Engineering           86,034
B Tech Bioinformatics           86,034
B Tech Biotechnology           86,034
B Tech Biotechnology (Summit Research Program)         104,302
B Tech Biotechnology LEET           86,034
B Tech Civil Engineering           78,730
B Tech Civil LEET           78,730
B Tech CSE Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning         104,302
B Tech CSE Big Data Analytics         104,302
B Tech CSE Cloud Computing         104,302
B Tech CSE Cyber Security         104,302
B Tech CSE LEET Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning         104,302
B Tech CSE LEET Big Data Analytics         104,302
B Tech CSE LEET Cloud Computing         104,302
B Tech CSE LEET Cyber Security         104,302
B Tech ECE (Embedded Systems)           78,730
B Tech ECE (Optical Communication)           78,730
B Tech ECE LEET           78,730
B Tech Electrical Engineering (IoT)           78,730
B Tech Electrical Engineering LEET           78,730
B Tech Food Technology           86,034
B Tech Food Technology (Agriculture)           86,034
B Tech Food Technology (Summit Research Program)         104,302
B Tech Food Technology LEET           86,034
B Tech Mechanical Engineering           78,730
B Tech Mechanical Engineering LEET           78,730
B Tech Mechatronics           86,034
BA (Hons) Economics & Finance           50,000
BA (Hons) English           30,800
BA (Hons) History           50,000
BA (Hons) Political Science            50,000
BA (Hons) Psychology and Counseling            50,000
BA Journalism and Mass Communication (Few Seats Left)           33,850
BA LLB (Few Seats Left)           52,800
BA Program           33,850
BA/ BSc Yoga           33,850
BA/BSc (Hons) Mathematics           43,100
BBA           43,100
BBA Aviation and Management           50,000
BBA Computer Science & Enterpreneurship            50,000
BBA Rural Management            43,100
BCA           49,995
BSc (Hons) Agriculture (Seats Full)           55,700
BSc (Hons) Biotechnology           43,100
BSc (Hons) Biotechnology Research (Seats Full)           59,100
BSc (Hons) Botany           43,100
BSc (Hons) Chemistry           43,100
BSc (Hons) Chemistry Research           59,100
BSc (Hons) Food Technology           43,100
BSc (Hons) Food Technology Research           59,100
BSc (Hons) Microbiology           43,100
BSc (Hons) Physics           43,100
BSc (Hons) Physics Research            59,100
BSc (Hons) Zoology           43,100
BSc Hons MSc Biotech (5 years Integrated)           43,100
BSc Hons MSc Micro (5 years Integrated)           43,100
BSc Hospitality and Hotel Administration           61,550
BSc Microbiology (Research)           43,100
BSc Nutrition and Dietetics (Seats Full)           52,250
LLB (Few Seats Left)           52,800
LLM (Few Seats Left)           43,550
M Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Few Seats Left)           70,660
M Pharmacy Pharmaceutics (Seats Full)           70,660
M Pharmacy Pharmacognosy (Few Seats Left)           70,660
M Pharmacy Pharmacology (Seats Full)           70,660
M Tech Biotechnology           75,397
M Tech Civil Engineering           75,397
M Tech CSE           75,397
M Tech ECE           75,397
M Tech Energy Technology           75,397
M Tech Food Technology           75,397
M Tech Mechanical Engineering           75,397
MA English Literature           40,000
MA Journalism           43,550
MA Political Science           50,000
MA/ MSc Psychology           68,200
MA/ MSc Yoga           43,100
MA/MSc Mathematics           43,100
MBA         121,950
MBA Digital         127,750
MBA International Relations         127,750
MBA Rural Management         127,750
MBA Tourism         127,750
MCA           65,650
MSc Agriculture (Agricultural Extension Education)           63,900
MSc Agriculture (Agronomy) (Seats Full)           63,900
MSc Agriculture (Plant Breeding & Genetics)           63,900
MSc Agriculture (Soil Science)           63,900
MSc Agriculture (Entomology)           63,900
MSc Agriculture (Plant Pathology)           63,900
MSc Biotechnology (Few Seats Left)           61,550
MSc Biotechnology (Research) (Few Seats Left)           68,200
MSc Botany           55,400
MSc Botany (Research)           55,400
MSc Chemistry (Seats Full)           55,400
MSc Chemistry (Research)           55,400
MSc Computational Science           68,200
MSc Data Analysis           55,400
MSc Environmental Sciences           55,400
MSc Food Technology           61,550
MSc Food Technology (Research)           68,200
MSc Genetics (Research)           52,250
MSc Materials Science           68,200
MSc Microbiology (Seats Full)           61,550
MSc Microbiology Research           68,200
Msc Nutrition and Dietetics           63,900
MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry           55,400
MSc Physics           55,400
MSc Physics (Research)           55,400
MSc Zoology (Research)           55,400
PG Diploma in Direct Selling  (Seats Full)           49,500
PhD Big Data           88,375
PhD Biotechnology           80,050
PhD Botany           80,050
PhD Cancer Biology           79,550
PhD Chemistry           80,050
PhD Civil           69,993
PhD CSE           69,993
PhD Data Science           88,375
PhD Disaster Management (Seats Full)           63,900
PhD ECE           69,993
PhD Economics (Seats Full)           63,900
PhD Energy (Few Seats Left)           72,215
PhD English (Seats Full)           63,900
PhD Environmental Sciences           80,050
PhD Food Technology           87,658
PhD Genetic Engineering           80,050
PhD Genetics           80,050
PhD Human Resource (Seats Full)           61,550
PhD Journalism (Seats Full)           68,200
PhD Legal Sciences  (Seats Full)           63,900
PhD Management (Seats Full)           63,900
PhD Mathematics (Seats Full)           61,550
PhD Mechanical           69,993
PhD Microbiology (Seats Full)           80,050
PhD Pharma           76,548
PhD Physics (Few Seats Left)           80,050
PhD Political Science           68,200
PhD Psychology (Seats Full)           68,200
PhD Water Management           63,900
PhD Yoga (Few Seats Left)           63,900
PhD Zoology           80,050

*Fee and courses are subject to approval by Govt of Himachal Pradesh 

**Admission is confirmed by paying a registration amount of Rs 20,000 (fully adjustable in first semester fee)

**One time refundable academic security of Rs 10,000 is collected at the time of final semester fee payment

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