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PhD in Sociology

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PhD in Sociology is a 3-year program at Shoolini University that examines the scientific study of human social behaviour and its origin, growth, and organisation. This subject will allow students to understand human actions quickly and learn their cause and effect.

PhD in Sociology is based on advanced training in research methods, statistical inference, and sociological theory. It provides a sociological viewpoint that allows practitioners in all fields to consider the social forces influencing work and how organisations function. It enhances the understanding of human society and helps an individual understand themselves, their capacities, talents, and limitations. It tells us why human beings are social animals and live in groups, communities, and societies.

The specially designed curriculum improves the educational value of candidates and opens various career avenues for them. Research scholars are mentored by faculty who are passionate about the subject and conduct ground-breaking research. They benefit from close interaction with professionals in the field. The internationally acclaimed faculty at Shoolini University comes from leading Indian and global universities such as Oxford, NIH, and NCI. Many faculty members have received grants from national and international funding agencies.

Shoolini has a dedicated Centre of Excellence for Sociology, Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness.

The university collaborates with renowned universities worldwide for student exchange programs, faculty exchange, and more. Prominent among these are the University of Arkansas, USA; Lanzhou University, China; University of Naples, Italy; Taipei Medical University, Taiwan; Gachon University, South Korea; South Dakota Mines University, USA.

Shoolini University is UGC Approved and NAAC Accredited.

PhD in Sociology Career Opportunities

    • Behavioural Scientist
    • Research Analyst
    • Professor/Teacher
    • Social & Community Service Manager
    • Guidance Counsellors
    • Human Resources Manager

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