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PhD Genetic Engineering at Shoolini University opens new avenues for students who want to conduct pioneering research in genetic engineering, one of the most dynamic fields of our times. It also aims to fill the gap between the demand for trained genetic engineers and their requirement in the academic and corporate world.   

This interdisciplinary doctorate degree covers the molecular understanding of DNA chemistry, DNA replication, and recombinant DNA techniques. Our scholars become adept at the tools and techniques employed in genetic engineering, as well as their applications from a research and industrial standpoint. They can then use their genetic engineering knowledge to problem solving and practise.

Shoolini University is known for its high-impact research and high citation scores. This makes PhD Genetic Engineering at Shoolini University a highly recognised degree.   

We have collaborations with renowned universities across the world for student exchange programs, faculty exchange and more. Prominent among these are, University of Arkansas, USA; Lanzhou University, China; University of Naples, Italy; Taipei Medical University, Taiwan; Gachon University, South Korea; South Dakota Mines University, USA.

We offer a UGC-approved degree.

Research Opportunities

  • Microbial Biotechnology for Industrial Applications
  • Engineered Microbes for Bioremediation of Contaminants 
  • Designer Plants for Agro-climatic Applications
  • Metagenomics for Diverse Applications
  • Genome Engineering for Medical Applications
  • Engineered Crops for Diverse Applications

PhD Genetic Engineering Career Opportunities

    • Academic Teaching
    • Consultants 
    • Genetics Laboratory Technician 
    • Senior Scientific Officer 
    • Principal Plant Breeder 


    • Process Managers
    • Data Specialists 

Top Faculty

Student Voices

Kamna Sharma (PhD)

Indu Negi (PhD)

Nitika Thakur (PhD)

Khushabu Gulia (PhD)

Top Campus Recruiters

Some of the major companies that visit our campus and hire our graduates are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolling in a PhD program helps you begin or continue research in the field you're passionate about. You can delve deeper, make new discoveries, improve conceptual tactics and apply those concepts through the research conducted. You can decide what to work on, how to work, and chart your journey with support and guidance from a supervisory team.

Shoolini University is India’s No.1 Research University (QS World University Rankings, Asia-2023) with 150+ programs and top placements & internships in India. Over the past decade, Shoolini has built a worldwide network of partner universities to foster exchange opportunities, collaborative academic programs, faculty engagement and research, and other activities. Shoolini offers study abroad opportunities with scholarships to top universities in the USA, Australia, UK, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Italy, among others. Shoolini has filed 1200+ patents; its h-index is >100 with Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) of 2.22. It has 104+ state-of-the-art laboratories, 9 Centres of Excellence, and 2 Shoolini Researchers are among the Top 1% Scientists of the world.

Students with a minimum CGPA score of 7.5/10 in the four-year-undergraduate program (FYUP) will now be eligible for PhD admissions, without having to complete a master’s program, according to the new regulations on the award of PhD degree finalised by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

The institution's accreditation by appropriate agencies means the program meets high standards of academic excellence. However, other factors, such as the field of research, number of publications, collaborations, etc., are also considered.

Doctoral programs require intensive training in research methods. This includes interviews, surveys, questionnaires, clinical trials, and laboratory experiments. These skills are put into practice when the candidate conducts fieldwork for the dissertation. Skills gained in qualitative and quantitative research methodology and statistical analysis are transferable to non-academic research environments, particularly for industrial research. In addition, employers outside of academia seek individuals with sound research skills to carry out projects at think tanks and research institutes in both the private and government sectors.

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