Our Education System

Shoolini University has adopted a continuous education system with two semesters in an academic year. Each semester is of 18-22 weeks and ends with an examination followed by a break, which is usually spent on industrial/ vocational training and educational tour to meet the degree requirements.

The degree is awarded under course credit system. Each course has a well-defined syllabus with specified number of credit hours for theory and practical classes. The research component also forms a part of the curriculum for postgraduate studies. 

The credit hours are regulated as follows:

  • One credit hour of theory is one hour of classroom teaching.
  • One credit hour of practical is two/ three hours of teaching in the laboratory/workshop.


Undergraduate programme

The system of examination is internal. Besides, each student has to appear/submit assignment, presentation, quiz, surprise test, terminal examination etc. 

Postgraduate Programme

Examination system is internal. It comprises of quiz, surprise test, 1st term, 2nd term and end term examinations.


A student is evaluated in a course for both theory and practical, following Overall Grade Point Average (OGPA) system:

1. An undergraduate student is evaluated through continuous internal assessment and end term examination. He or she has to pass in both internal assessment and end term examination (separately in theory and practicals).

2. Postgraduate students have to pass in theory and practical examinations separately.

3. A student is declared pass only if he or she secures the following minimum Grade Points in each subject and OGPA on a scale of 10.

  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Examinations (Other than Pharmacy courses) 4. 0 grade point in each subject and in OGPA
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Examinations (Pharmacy courses) As per PCI guidelines issued from time to time

4. Based on the performance of a student, each student (other than Pharmacy) is awarded a letter grade in each subject at the end of semester. 

  • The letter grades are: O, A+, A, B+, B, C, P and F and the corresponding grade points are: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, and 0.
  • For Pharmacy courses letter grading & attendance marks shall be awarded as per PCI guidelines.


As per UGC guidelines no student will be allowed to appear in theory and practical end-term semester examination if he or she does not fulfill 75% of attendance. As per academic regulations, the following marks will be awarded for attendance: 95 Percent and above 5 Marks 90-94 Percent 4 Marks 85-89 Percent 3 Marks 80-84 Percent 2 Marks 75-79 Percent 1 Mark

Make-up Examination

Students, other than Pharmacy, who fail to get 4.0 grade point in a subject have to clear the subject through re-appear examination. PCI guidelines for make-up examination shall be applicable for pharmacy students.

An undergraduate student (B Tech and B Pharma) who has not cleared all courses of the first two semesters shall not be allowed to register in the 5th semester. A student, who has not cleared all the courses of 3rd & 4th semester, shall not be allowed to register for 7th semester till he/she clears all the courses of 3rd and 4th semester. In case of other undergraduate courses, a student will not be allowed to register in the 5th semester until or unless he/she clears all the previous courses.


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